Like most things about decorating our home or setting up our workplace, it’s all up to creativity, style, and our personal taste, which is why there are no limits or written rules on how to achieve the best possible effect. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there are no limits and how you should buy and place everything you think of, which is why professionals in this field are so highly valued. Now, one of the most common misconceptions is about neon lights and how they are a thing of the past or something of kitsch, and the best way to debunk this myth is by focusing on the benefits of neon lights, and by the end of this article, you will see why neon light can never be out of style.

You can create your own sign


The great thing about a neon sign is that we can choose whichever design we want, personalize, and order it online. Many manufacturers are more than happy to help their customers come up with great ideas and decorate their living spaces in the way they want. Custom-made signs are nothing new, and what’s new is the technology, which is why today, the entire process from an idea to realization lasts much less and provides much better results. Overall, it is a great way to express your creativity and amaze people who are visiting your home, so if you want to be different, create your own neon sign and put it in a visible place.

Neon lights represent much more than just a way to draw attention, as you can also use them to send a message, and these types of signs are probably a perfect example of that. It can be some funny inscription, the shape of your favorite football club crest, or anything else that crosses your mind, as options really are limitless. All you need to create a fantastic decoration for your living room is a little creativity and imagination, and even if someone has an idea but doesn’t know how to make it work or doesn’t have enough time do to so, there are various ways to achieve the best possible effect. Of course, you will need a quality company to realize your idea from a sketch, and if you are searching for the best one, visit

They are durable

Okay, people can say many things about this type of lighting, but no one can argue with one thing, and that’s for how long these lights can last. Namely, due to technology and massive production of various things, the quality of many products today, regardless of whether we talk about software or lighting, simply are less durable, and what’s even worse is the fact that people often forget about this crucial aspect. Of course, it’s much easier to discard something as bad, not as beneficial, or kitsch because of new trends, but just because someone thinks this way doesn’t necessarily mean how they are right or, in this case, how neon lights are a thing of the past.

It is not an exaggeration when someone says that neon signs can last almost forever, which is the reason why they are the perfect decoration for every home. There is no need to worry that they will lighten up our living space for a short time, so we need to buy another one soon, as they really last long since they are made of durable materials. Once we get a perfect sign, there are no light bulbs that need to be changed or any other issues that should be fixed occasionally.

They are safe


Safety is one of the most talked-about topics today, regardless of whether we are talking about online safety and security or about neon lights, and once again, false info is at the core of many misconceptions and myths regarding neon lighting. Namely, many people are concerned that neon signs are too fragile and not a perfect fit for families with children or pets who can break them by accident and hurt themselves. Luckily, the material from which they are made is much more resistant and safe than people believe, and it is perfectly safe for indoor and outdoor usage. There is no need to worry about broken glass, the gas they are filled with, and even the risk of fire because they use electric energy for their operation as everything is perfectly made, so the risk of injuries practically does not exist. On the other hand, this too might be a problem in the past, but once again, it’s not something anyone should worry about today, as it’s in everyone’s interest that everything works ideally and is not a potential source of danger to a person’s health.

The variety of colors

Neon signs can be made in various colors, and it is impossible not to find one that will perfectly fit into every room. Besides the option of creating a unique sign, we can choose between many existing ones, which is great for people who are not so creative but want to change their living place by adding a decoration that will blow anyone’s mind. Another thing to keep in mind here is that these lights are also the best way to lighten up the place and show your style. Besides that, due to that retro vibe they provide, it makes a great example of how you can do wonders with a little creativity and style.

They are easy to install


Thanks to the popular misconception that neon signs are difficult to install and require the help of professionals, many people avoid them. Now, we are not saying how installing was an issue in the past, but much time has passed since installing neon lights was a problem or a time-consuming job. Yes, it has been true a few decades ago when they have been a new invention, but things are much different today. Thanks to technological improvements, these signs are today easy to install without any help, and all we need to do is to choose the perfect place, fix them, and plug them into the outlet. Even if someone doesn’t have enough time to do it or simply doesn’t want to bother with this entire process, many companies and agencies offer this type of service and can easily come and install them in a matter of a few hours.