October has been a great month for Bassheads.

With the unforgettable Fall Tour coming to a near end, Bassnectar has kept his fans busy throughout the last few weeks. Kicking off the Noise Vs. Beauty (NVSB) Tour with a sold out show at Madison Square Garden, the next few weeks got even better; he announced both his New Years Eve show, featuring a 360-degree stage setup, and the Pretty Lights-fused 2-night Basslights show. Both of these shows sold out in record speeds along with many other tour stops; Noise Vs. Beauty has proved to not only be a successful album, but also one of his most successful tours to date.

Following up his tenth studio album, Bassnectar has released a massive remix pack to compliment NVSB. \”After finishing Noise vs Beauty last spring, I began working on alternate endings and special deluxe versions of each track, morphing the personality of each song with different faces and unexpected attitudes. I sent out files and sounds to various trusted producers and remixers to see what would happen… the goal was to reinvent the concept of the album and recharge it from every angle.\” This isn\’t your ordinary remix album with a couple of mediocre reworks; NVSB Remixes is packed with 22 quality tracks including a completely new track \”Thursty\” and, my prayers being answered, an extended mix of \”Hold On.\” Similar to his other releases, he has put up some free downloads to get a taste of the remixes. The freebies come from reworks of Loco Ono, Lost In The Crowd, and Now.

The King of Sound once again satisfies his people; NVSB Remixes is a full-length compilation of brand new tunes. Some of my favorites include Champagne Drip\’s Future Bass flip of \”You & Me,\” the heavy-hitting G Jones remix of \”Don\’t Hate The 808,\” and Bassnectar\’s rework of Marz Leon\’s \”Fire,\” a track that wasn\’t even included in the initial NVSB album. More tracks, including remixes from Beats Antique and Active Sun, are also on the way.

Bassnectar has a busy week of sold out events, including a special Halloween show in Peoria, Illinois. A jam-packed arena of Bassheads in weird costumes celebrating the Halloween day; what more could you want? I will see you all there.

You can stream a sample version of NVSB Remixes here. It includes 6 of the 22 tracks, so if you want to hear some of the rest, head over to Spotify. Listen here:




1. Marz Leon ­- Fire (Bassnectar Remix)
2. Lost In The Crowd (LOCOJA Remix) [Bassnectar & Jantsen] 3. Now (Run DMT Remix)
4. Loco Ono (Bassnectar & Stylust Beats Remix)
5. You & Me (Champagne Drip Remix)
6. Flash Back (At Dawn We Rage Remix)
7. Bassnectar & Craz ­- Thursty
8. Noise (PANTyRAiD Remix)
9. The Future (Proper Villains Remix)
10. Loco Ono (Jayceeoh Remix)
11. Now (Christian Revelino Remix)
12. Mystery Song (Bassnectar Remix)
13. Don\’t Hate The 808 (G Jones Remix)
14. Lafa Taylor ­- Heaters (Bassnectar Remix)
15. Hold On (Kill Paris Remix)
16. Open Up (Minnesota Remix)
17. So Butterfly [2014 Version] (D.V.S* Remix)

18. Hold On [Extended Version] 19. Mystery Song (Infuze Remix)
20. Noise (Rise At Night Remix)
21. Noise (Son Of Kick Remix)
22. You & Me (Flinch Remix)