Today\’s popular DJs are very easy targets for scrutiny and ridicule. From the use of ghost producers to undeserved payrolls, the concept of what it means to be an artist/performer is fully under the magnifying glass. Those true to the craft like Deadmau5 and Dr Kucho have recently become self-appointed policemen of the electronic music┬ácommunity, calling out people like Steve Aoki and Paris Hilton who have cheated the system in one way or another.

The main message they try to spread is simple: be passionate, work for your rewards, and respect the community enough to be an honest contributor. Seems like a no-brainer to anyone truly in love with music, but it has become a huge problem within the community as more and more \”DJs\” seem to slip through the cracks and become world-wide sensations just by hitting play.

Enter DJ Craze. Using the tag #REALDJING, Craze has just released a short video of what it really means to spin. Beginning with a sample of a Tosh.O rant on the illegitimacy of DJing, he gets behind the decks and plays a wild live cut of DJ Snake\’s \”New Slaves\” remix.

If Pauly D is your favorite DJ, hopefully this video will wake you up.