A visual artist named Max Hattler accused Bassnectar of inappropriately using his psychedelic video artwork for the musician\’s live show visuals and now the leader of the Bassheads has responded.

On April 2, Hattler expressed his dismay when he saw his artwork in another live Bassnectar clip when he never agreed that the bass musician could use his visuals. Specifically, Bassnectar had been using Hattler\’s \’Sync\’  for the visuals for his live production of the \’Frog Song\’. A clip from \’Sync\’ is the header photo of this article.

After many bassheads and Hattler fans were stirred, Bassnectar decided to make a long Facebook apology. In the post he deeply apologized to Hattler for unknowingly using the artwork and partly blamed the chaotic nature of touring. Bassnectar mentioned in the post that he had contacted Max Hattler but according to the visual artist, \”the situation is still ongoing, and no agreement has been reached yet.\” Check out a portion of what Bassnectar had to say below.

Instead of making a bunch of excuses or anything, i just really want to step up, and make a heartfelt apology to max. I have reached out personally to him to make it right by him.

Aside from that, I don’t want to give into a bunch of pointless drama, I don’t want any of our fans arguing with his fans, I don’t want to fan the flames of the situation. I just want to apologize for the mistake, make it right, and move on – we have so much respect for all artists!!! It’s hard to put into words how scatter-brained we all get when on the road, and in the heat of the chaos, our wires got crossed, and we simply should have done better.

Source: Bassnectar