AQUA is a revolutionary company that celebrates water and that gives water back to communities in need. Aqua is a company that creates shows that revolve around water. They stand out by creating 3D visuals, water holograms and water fountains that dance with the music. The proceeds that this company makes goes to giving water to people in need. Aqua has been blowing up; They had their own tour and they have teamed up with various artists and festivals. We had the opportunity to interview Patrick and Luca, the owners of Aqua.

Please describe Aqua and what it\’s about

We do concerts based around water. We create water holograms and we use lights, lazers , projections, mist, fountains, water effects that interacts with the crowd. A big part of our company is that we are partners with Charity Waters Life. Everything that we do, we incorporate them some how. Every ticket we sell, we donate a month of clean water to someone in need. We try to bring awareness to the global water crisis and show people different ways to get involved. One simple way that they can get involved is by coming out  to our shows, having a good time and that in turn helps someone in need

What inspired the company to donate and give back?

We came across a video called 4 year old bucket list. We found out that 5000 kids die from unclean drinking water. This video in particular went through a person’s bucket list that was 4 years old because they didn’t make it until 5 due to unclean drinking water. This video just hit home to us, so we reached out to a charity and started working on ways to gain awareness. It just seemed like an obvious fit; we use water in our shows, we give water back.


How do you think of create ideas to use water in your shows?

We start searching cool water effects and find crazy stuff. We buy the parts and start building. It kind of an evolving thing. It a mixture of fountains, screens, mist, projections and lazers. We’ve done pretty big shows.

What shows have you collaborated with?

Our first show was the reveal tour with Hardwell. We did 10 shows with him in 2014. Last summer we did a couple of shows with Tiesto. Chainsmokers recently hired us to do a show with them. We have worked with 3LAU, Borgeous,  and Audien.

Aqua has its own tour, right?

Yeah! It’s almost like Life In Color, but we are putting our own concept. It is more of a holographic experience. We try to create a visual experience out of water. It is a very different atmospheric element.

How do you compare working at a festival with working in your own tour?

It is a lot less stressful working for a festival. Everything has its ups and downs. In a festival, we have our own specific tasks. Every part of the festival is trying to fit and accommodate each other as best as they can. At our shows, we can do whatever we want, but there is a lot of added pressure and stress because it’s all on us. Overall it’s been a really good experience.

Which concert that you worked for stood out to you this year?

The Chainsmokers one was really coolest because we really wanted to work with them. It’s a good feeling when one of the biggest name in the industry hires you and FAUGHT to hire you. The show was in Rhode Island, and we are from Rhode Island. It really hit home. Another good collaboration was Inception at Sea. Doing a show on a cruise ship is insane. Imagine Music Festivals was very easy to work with; people working it are pros, and it helps a lot.

What is your next goal?

We would like to introduce bigger holograms and bigger fountains…. We’re talking 100 foot holograms. We are also trying to integrate fire and water more. One of our big goals is to find more artists that believe in our mission and production. Ideally, we are raising money to send to Ghana and film the impact of people going to our shows. We have been able to give 11 years of clean water to a village in Ghana. We want people that go to our events to know what they gave to a community in need.

What is your goal when it comes to Ghana?

It all starts with water. An average kid spends 4 hours getting water. That is time that the kid can be in school. Water really changes everything. Water is the simple answer. You start with one problem and in turn fixes a lot of problems. I would love to go into the community, build a relationship with the kids, get to know them, and keep building relationships that the EDM community believes in. I think there is a lot of power in numbers. It’s hard for one person to make a big impact, but if you have a lot of people giving a little bit, it adds a lot and you can actually make a difference.We have a lot of big things to come and we encourage people to watch videos and become educated on the water crisis!