martin garrix number 1 dj in the world

Amsterdam Music Fest placed a coy message at the bottom of their festival poster this year, saying that there will be a special guest appearance from the \”New Number One DJ In The World.\” The Dutch festival happening on October 22-23 also made it known that Martin Garrix is that special guest, meaning he is the #1 DJ in the world. Now, before you get all excited, they never specifically mentioned that he is the DJ MAG #1 DJ in the world, so it could just be a marketing scheme.  Regardless, who cares??

Any musician worth their salt knows the DJ Mag competition and music competitions in general are pointless. Can you win music? Can you win art? NO. Art is an expression of self that is beyond ego, beyond ratings, and surely beyond DJ MAG. Amsterdam Music Fest probably did this just to get blogs writing about them, so I guess they win.