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The “Blue Eyes White Dragon,” as she calls herself surprised her 87,6k Instagram followers with a throwback photo where she posed before spending more than £20,000 on tattoos and body modifications.

Amber Luke, who has been tattooed over 100 times, and even tattooed her eyes blue, revealed her bare face in a prom snap on her Instagram Story while doing a Q&A.

She was wearing a long light blue gown and had long beautiful long hair. Amber looks totally unrecognizable, and no one could say that it is the same person.

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She once opened up in an Instagram post and wrote: “Four years of pushing past waves of anxiety when getting tattooed, four heavy years of testing my mentality.”

“Worth every second of it, I say. I’m so strong mentally now, because of what I’ve endured,” she added.

Image source: Instagram

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