Industry friends Lido and Alison Wonderland have just about the best timing with their remixes.


Wonderland turns up the bass on Lido\’s “Crazy,\” injecting orchestral strings and her own wild moan onto the track for a darker, future bass take on the original. Of course, it wouldn\’t be an AW track without her signature drum hits and unique percussive elements.

Lido then turned Wonderland\’s “Messiah” on it\’s head, laying down his own vocal track, in which he rewrote the original lyrics to be cute and adorable. The product is a more smooth, atmospheric track that is all his own.

The timing of the releases is no coincidence, either, since the two are actually very good friends. Lido had this to say about their relationship:

Alison is one of my best friends in the whole world. We met three years ago and she\’s had my back ever since. We even lived together for a little while. As soon as she played me Messiah I knew I had to put my spin on it and it was torture keeping the song on the hush for so long. I guess she felt similarly about Crazy so this is the most organic remix-swap of all time!

Alison adds, \”It\’s really cool to be creative with people who you not only respect as an artist but you can call a friend.\” The evidence that these two highly respect each other\’s work is clear, especially since both remixes are carefully treated, well mastered takes on their original.

Check out Alison Wonderland\’s remix of “Crazy” and Lido\’s take on “Messiah” below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.