In the current music sphere, it seems that Australian artists are slowly but steadily taking over charts; because they are.

From Chet Faker to Flume, the Aussie talent pool is constantly growing and always welcoming new faces. With up and coming names like the multi-talented Alison Wonderland, it\’s evident that the future of music lies down under.

In a recent discussion with Chicago native Dani Deahl, it was pointed out that women produce 9% of electronic music. Though it\’s a small number, that 9% is filled with some of the best production dance music has to offer; Alison Wonderland does an incredible job representing that 9%. Did we mention she\’s multi-talented? We most certainly did.

Not only does she produce tracks, but she contributes her own vocals to most of them. Contrasting an enchanting voice to some aggressive hip-hop beats will leave you dazed and confused, but surely wanting more. This formula works perfectly for Alison Wonderland as it gives her music its own character. With the worldwide hit I Want U under her belt, it was clear at the time that her next move would be big; we finally have information and can confirm that it\’s pretty damn big.

It\’s always very exciting to see a rising star\’s premiere album; it\’s the gateway to the rest of their career and we saw a lot of familiar faces put out their first full-length record in 2014. In less than two months, it\’ll be Alison Wonderland\’s turn to shine; expect some charts to be topped on its April 7th U.S. release date. Simply titled Run, this 12-track album features promising collaborations, including one with Flaming Lips lead-singer Wayne Coyne. That track, a featured single from the album, is debuted in this eerie new video.

In case you wondering, yes, that is Christopher Mintz-Plasse. McLovin from Superbad stars in this video, but disregard that for a second and listen. U Don\’t Know has all of the elements of a complete Alison Wonderland tune: wonderful vocals accommodating high-energy production. Be sure to pre-order her debut album below.

[PRE-ORDER] \”Alison Wonderland – Run\” on iTunes

Saying the future looks bright for this Aussie star is an understatement; this upcoming highly-anticipated album will probably back that up. Be sure to catch Alison Wonderland on tour this spring, including a proper Chicago date: Friday, April 24th. That happens to be my 21st birthday, so you know where you\’ll find me! You can check out the event information below.

[EVENT INFO] Alison Wonderland – The Mid – Chicago (Friday, April 24, 2015)

Tour dates:

April 3 – Vancouver, BC @ Seasons Festival
April 4 – Edmonton, AB @ Northern Lights Festival
April 11 – Indio, CA @ Coachella Music & Arts Festival
April 15 – Seattle, WA @ Q Nightclub
April 18 – Indio, CA @ Coachella Music & Arts Festival
April 24 – Chicago, IL @ The Mid
May 1 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall
May 2 – Miami, FL @ Grand Central
May 8 – Toronto, ON @ The Hoxton
May 9 – Montreal, QC @ NewsSpeak
May 14 – Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
May 15 – San Francisco, CA @ 1015 Folsom
May 16 – Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre