Denver-based artist A Hundred Drums released her self-titled album this past Valentine’s Day February 14th on Gravitas Recordings. Sitting comfortably at seven tracks, the album features collaborations with Templo, Vibe Emissions, James Xavier and Jayne Gray. The Valentine’s Day release date and self-titled album is a symbol of what A Hundred Drums intends to accomplish: “A Hundred” was chosen for its spiritual and societal primacy, and “Drums” call our hearts to beat in sync. A Hundred Drums aspires to align all listeners’ heartbeats to her BPM, unifying us all in the music. We beat with one collective heart on the day celebrating love.

You can catch A Hundred Drums performing on the festival circuit with recently announced performances at Lightning in a Bottle, Coachella, Sonic Bloom, and Bassnectar’s Freestyle Colorado event among others. To stay up to date on A Hundred Drums releases, visit her Bandcamp page.