Shark Week is upon us. Each year, we know we\’ll be seeing¬†plenty of bloody attacks and underwater action on Discovery Channel. While mysterious creatures of the deep blue see are fascinating and all, Jauz fans look forward to the week for a totally different reason – Sharktreats!

Yesterday, the LA-based DJ dropped a sick remix of DJ Snake\’s \”Propaganda\” and promised that more beats were on their way. Jauz delivered this afternoon and released a funky, house track titled \”Goodiez.\”

This track was pretty unexpected coming from the typically bass-heavy artist and we\’re loving it. Not only does it get us groovin\’¬†but it is exciting to see Jauz dip his feet into new territory.

We\’ve got our fingers crossed that we\’ll get more Sharktreats this week. Stay tuned!

Photo via 2720 Cherokee.