Dahhhhhhmmmm G Jones! Back at it again with the filthy experimental bass! Since his release of F**K WHAT YOU HEARD in late November, G Jones has been kickin\’ bass and takin\’ names.

The only complaint I have with his newest released song, H E L I X, is that its 2:38 minutes long which doesn’t come close to the filthy thirst that is parching my body. G Jones has continued to stay true to his strange roots and has progressed immensely over the years; H E L I X is no disappointment.

With the released of this dirty dub, it leaves filth fans like myself anxious for his newest EP to be released. THAT ODD EP IN THE PIT OF MY HARD DRIVE by G Jones gained him an even bigger fan base of headbanging dub lovers, but with his newest song circling social media you can be sure to expect more experimental filth pulsing through the internet.

You can catch G Jones at a plethora of festivals this year throwing down the same weird bass that gave him his start. Lightening in a Bottle, SubOctave, Summer Set, and Shambhala are just a few of the festivals he\’ll be throwing down at this summer. Seeing him transform the crowd at BUKU Music and Arts Festival into a sea of thrashing, energetic beings (me being one of them thankfully) got me addicted to his live performances.

Don\’t be surprised this summer when you see G Jones \”back at it again\” with the gross bass that we all have learned to love.