Following on the heels of his successful release \”Won\’t Be Alone\” on Monstercat, Feint is back once again with his latest offering, Fall Away. This 4 track EP brings you some prime drum & bass content via UK producer Fox Stevenson\’s label, Cloudhead Records.

Soaring melodic leads and quick hammering drum breaks maintain the energy throughout the EP. The third track, \”Shatter\” changes things up with the introduction of a piano based lead and an aggressively distorted bass line to create some interesting contrast. This sets up the final track \”Sincere\” which differs from the previous three entirely with its more traditional progressive trance structure.

Overall, Feint fans have something to celebrate here, and drum & bass fans previously unaware of Feint\’s work will not find a better opportunity to get familiar. Check out Feint\’s Fall Away EP now!