Just when you thought ZHU was going to remain in the shadows and quietly release groundbreaking music, the mastermind behind \”Faded\” and \”Superfriends\” made his debut performance without much word about it. Thanks to a Listen Out Festival attendee in Australia, we have a look into what a live ZHU experience would be like.

Unsurprisingly mysterious, but that doesn\’t take away from countless fans singing along to \”Faded,\” which undeniably brings ZHU\’s musical mission to the forefront.

\”It was never [the] intention to be anonymous. To me, I really just wanted to let the music speak for itself…I think in the beginning all we were trying to do was like \’Hey, here\’s the music. Listen to it without judging who\’s behind it.\’ Obviously, people want to find out about who the artist is, but to me, the music is definitely more important than who\’s behind it,\” said ZHU in an interview with Triple J, which he says will be the first and last interview he\’ll be doing for a while.

So, while we wait for him to- hopefully- put a US tour together, watch this clip of \”Faded\” and listen to everyone singĀ all the words: