\”Who\’s Zed? Zed\’s dead, baby. Zed\’s dead.\” – Pulp Fiction (1994)

DC and Hooks are the masterminds that make up the Toronto-based duo Zeds Dead. It\’s safe to say that if you\’ve been following dance music for the last 3 years, you have seen this duo\’s name pop up. Being talented in both music production and live performance is a true gem.

Zeds Dead does both with ease, having created a distinct sound in a song library of different genres and performing with passion at their shows. If you\’ve ever been to one of their shows, you know what I\’m talking about; watching them mix and tweak tracks on the spot is just as fun as dancing to the many genres they cover over their gig. Whether it\’s the growling dubstep bass, the heavy dancehall drums, or the smooth drum & bass beats, Zeds Dead makes sure to not leave any genre of dance music left out; they even threw in Purple Haze last time I saw them, a classic rock song by Jimi Hendrix.

Recently, the duo has been releasing new music (including original tracks and remixes) for free. This time, they collaborate with Hunter Siegel, a Toronto-based DJ as well, to bring you an incredible tune. Hunter Siegel has been getting recognition lately, with major support from another Canadian duo Adventure Club. Heck, it seems like Canada is full of talented and striving producers.

LOUD is an electro house track with a growling bass stab and energetic build-up. The song alone is awesome, but it\’s not Zeds Dead worthy until they fuse a trap-style breakdown after the second drop. Free music doesn\’t mean it\’s of lesser quality; Zeds Dead and Hunter Siegel prove that with this banger.