Zedd by Rukes

Zedd\’s newest hit single Beautiful Now off of his sophomore album True Colors has been climbing the charts this month landing a spot in the top 5 dance/electronic songs this week. Though this 25 year old world tour producer knows how to make it to the top 40, his true inspirations and influences are deeply rooted in classic rock and roll. Recently, Zedd sat down with Rolling Stones to discuss his up and coming fame and how his taste in classic music influences his hit EDM singles.

\”\’I\’m way more inspired listening to, song-structure-wise, the Beatles. The Beatles have never stretched things unnecessarily if it didn\’t help the song. In dance music, you will sometimes find those structure of, like, a one-minute intro. I kind of went about it in a very Beatles way. Or Queen is a huge influence for me. Bands like Silverchair and Radiohead. Feeder, Queens of the Stone Age.\”

Alike in Anton\’s influences of his music, Skrillex played a huge role in developing Anton into the producer he is now. As Anton explains, he was first a drummer. But as he moved into EDM world, he had to learn the ropes of playing live shows. \”Skrillex is like, \”You\’ve got to talk to the crowd.\” I was like, \”Oh, I can\’t do this — I\’m not confident.\” He\’s like, \”You\’re here because of me, I brought you here, you\’ve got to talk to the crowd.\” I was like, \”Oh . . .\”

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