Hedi Slimane ushered in a new era for the brand’s image when he rebranded to Yves Saint Laurent and renamed the famed French atelier, Saint Laurent. Slimane’s meticulous adherence to the YSL emblem turned the brand’s purses, wallets, and accessories into sought-after items, despite the initial uproar over the seemingly drastic name change. The edgy, California-tinged rocker attitude of Slimane’s ready-to-wear collection was offset by sleek and classic bags, which ranged from monogrammed clutches and Kate wallet-on-chains to tasseled Cassandre crossbodies and Caba’s satchels.

As Saint Laurent bags became modern classics, counterfeiters inevitably seized the opportunity and began producing knockoffs left and right. While many aspects differ depending on bag type, size, and production period, there are a few crucial characteristics to look for on Saint Laurent bags. Continue reading to learn how to detect a genuine YSL logo-accented bag using our expert team’s authentication tips.

Spotting fake YSL bags may appear impossible in some situations, but nothing is impossible for an expert team like LegitGrails.


Check Yves Saint Laurent Bag Interior Label

Since 2012, the label has been renamed as Saint Laurent, and the name Yves Saint Laurent is no longer associated with it. As a result, older versions are likely to have a different design than later versions.

The shape of the label – on a real Yves Saint Laurent bag, each corner is well defined and squared, and each side of the original label is perfectly even; on a fake YSL bag, however, the corners are bent and not what they should be.) The font on the authentic YSL stamp is bold and thick, however, the font on the fake bag is much thinner but larger.

The letter “T” in Saint and Laurent should touch the letter “N” in front of it, which is a crucial detail. Double-checking the logo’s quality and position is usually a smart idea.


Investigate Bag Interior Stamp

The hallmark Saint Laurent / Paris is debossed beneath the “male” half of the snap on the underside of a Saint Laurent bag’s flap. In a sans serif typeface, Saint Laurent Paris should be capitalized. Examine the curvature of the S, the angle of the As, and the letter spacing. The N and the T will collide. The R leg of Laurent has a rounded slope, whereas the R leg of Paris has a straight slope. In their work, counterfeiters usually employ the same typeface.

A blind stamp, unfoiled, will be tucked behind a pocket wall or at the base of the flap. The blind stamp reads, “Made in Italy,” followed by the style and art number. The style number is six digits long, with a four to five-digit part number, and it should correspond to the tag if one is present. You can double-check the style number by going to the Saint Laurent website and looking it up under ‘More Details.’ On more recent Saint Laurent bags, a prefix and dot will appear before the style and art number, whereas previous bags will only have the style and art number. The same formatting is used by all Kering labels, including Gucci, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen.


How Does Saint Laurent Text Look?

The left arm of the Y, which is thicker than the right, is positioned beneath the S, while the right arm is positioned above. After that, the S swoops behind the Y’s bottom half, overlaps the L, and tucks behind it. The letter “Stop “‘s and bottom rounded edges look to be less sharp than they should be. Take note of the L’s slope, which begins wide at the top and narrows as it approaches the horizontal leg. Take a peek at the YSL logo’s metal quality. On the outer corners of the YSL emblem, there will be four faux nail heads. They should always be present, even if they aren’t useful.

The counterfeit bag’s “YSL” lettering isn’t exactly in the middle and isn’t clean. Their letters will be thinner and curvier than they need to be, and the space between the letters will be deeper than it needs to be even where the letters merge.


Spot a Fake By Serial Number

A serial number tag can be found on the inside of a bag, sewed to the lining, and usually near the top zipper. Be aware that the tag cannot be stitched into a stitch, but it is sewn to the lining around the edges with care. A serial number tag is a rectangular piece of natural leather that matches the color of the bag. Simply glance at the opposite side of the tag to find the serial number.

The presence of a serial number on a luxury handbag used to constitute a 100 percent guarantee of its authenticity, but that is no longer the case. Unfortunately, today’s serial numbers can’t guarantee that anything isn’t a knockoff. In any case, don’t overlook the serial number while authenticating a bag!

Analyze the engraving. Aside from the serial number, many bags have the words “made in Italy” on them. It is important to note that it must be written directly beneath the digits. Letters can be capitalized on select YSL purses.

Examine the letters in detail. All letters should be the same size and have the same amount of space between them.

If the serial number is absent, the bag is most likely a counterfeit.