Many of us think that a secret to a better life hides behind a better, more paid job, behind wealth, fame, or other things we think people are enjoying their life because. However, eastern wisdom says otherwise. There are ways and ancient practices that lead an individual to find the balance between body, mind, and spirit. When these three are aligned, perpetual happiness is attained, therefore a better life as well.

If you ask how? The answer is simple. Through yoga.

Yoga is probably one of the greatest and oldest practices in the history of the planet, which is still used today all over the world. Given that as a practice it is very old, its exact origin is not even known, and much about it is considered to be mystical. Wanting to get a basic idea of something “unknown”, we will start from the known, in order to get the idea closer to you.


We all know (or have some idea of our own) about what a movement is, an exercise, in yoga it is called “asana”. This is precisely why we start our Yoga in motion with movement, because it is necessary to adapt the technique, which originated in India (several thousand years ago), to our time and our mentality. That’s what different styles of this technique have been developed through the years.

It was one of those techniques that suit anyone, regardless of age gender, and other things. And brings plenty of benefits that influence the quality of one’s life.

Why practice it?

It helps us to find a balance between spirit and body, intuition and matter. It teaches us individuality, to trust ourselves and our intuition, but it also teaches us to respect other people’s individuality. There is no mutual competition in yoga, the only competition is with yourself… to learn to appreciate, value, and believe more in yourself, in your inner voice, in your intuition. To learn that life is not a rule, but freedom of thought, speech, action, and movement.

We’ve mentioned how it has many benefits to one’s physical health… We’ll mention a few.

Many think that yoga is only about flexibility. But in reality, it is a combination of physical exercise, breathing techniques, relaxation, and so on.

Physical exercises regulate the nervous, digestive, and reproductive systems, blood pressure, and hormones, deeply relax and cleanse the body of toxins, and improve the quality of movement and posture.

With conscious breathing, we relax from stressful everyday life, improve concentration, and bring more oxygen to the body and brain – thereby affecting emotional and mental health. We learn how to be in now. Be mindful.

Relaxation techniques calm the mind, release stress from the body, and give us strength and balance.


Moms-to-be, as well as new moms, are more than recommended to attain a yoga routine.

We all know how many obligations parenting imposes on us, especially in the beginning. And although two people are involved, much of the toughest tasks and challenges fall to moms back. At times it is impossible to allocate time for exercising. But, if you include your baby in your yoga routine, it is possible.

Exercising with a baby at home can really be done easily. To do yoga with your baby, you don’t need any special props or equipment, it’s enough to sit with your baby on the floor and devote the next few minutes to a shared experience. This exercise will help you get rid of the fatigue and stress accumulated during the night of not sleeping and caring for the baby all day.

We’re quite sure there are classes in your community. If not, online ones will do as well. Interactive exercises, with lots of kisses, laughter, and touching, are ideal for moms and babies from six weeks to a year. Yoga classes for moms and babies help women regain the energy and strength that was spent during pregnancy, sleepless nights, breastfeeding, and carrying a baby. Suggestions such as this and plenty more on how to increase the quality of life for a new mom can be found on

The emphasis of the classes is on re-strengthening the muscles of the stomach, back, and pelvis; relieving tension in the shoulders and neck; opening the chest. The class also includes different exercises for babies that encourage their motor development, digestion, and improve sleep.


Yoga for moms and babies is the real magic that remains deeply etched in the memory of both moms and babies

If you are worried about how your baby will fit in, whether it will cry, or how you will exercise together with it, you are not the only one who has doubts about it, but until you come once and try it, you will not know how much these classes are a pleasure for your the baby and you. If at any time your baby does not want to exercise because he is hungry, tired, or just wants you to hold him, the exercise can be paused until you meet the baby’s needs in the way you normally do. So, you feel comfortable doing what you need to do.

Final word

The quality of our life largely depends on the state our internal organs and glands are in. As you already know, some of our glands are in charge of producing hormones that directly impact our happiness level.

Yoga is the only activity that fully massages the internal organs and glands. A person with a balanced endocrine system, which includes the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal gland, pancreas, and gonads, is generally cheerful, energetic, and strong. An unbalanced endocrine system results in depression, weight loss, and high levels of stress. Various poses in yoga work on individual glands to increase their blood flow. With the help of such activity, the glands are better supplied with the oxygen and nutrients they need for healthy functioning. Regular practice of yoga ensures smooth functioning of the glands, hence creating a better life for an individual who practices it.