There isn’t much we wouldn’t do for our looks, and luckily today, there are many treatments that can help us reach our goals. Among those treatments, botox is one of the most famous and popular ones, and rightfully so, but there are still many unknown facts about it, which is why we will focus more on them now.

What it is?

The first thing we need to explain in this article is what preventative botox is and why its usage is so wide today. People around the world want to stop aging and look younger as long as possible, so they search for various ways to achieve that. Botox is not a new thing on the market, but scientists are finding more effective ways of its usage, and the most effective one we have today is botox injections. Although it is possible to use botox to make the existing wrinkles less visible, the best time to start is when they do not exist and prevent them from appearing, and it is a preventative botox. It can be pretty challenging to say when it is the best time to start with this procedure, which is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, but most specialists will agree that it is about twenty-five years.

The reason for it is pretty simple as the wrinkles are still not visible at that age, but it is expected to appear at every moment. Of course, it depends on many factors, and since every person has different skin and genetics, it is important to search for a professional opinion. Since many beauty salons provide this treatment without the necessary knowledge and licenses, it is crucial to be cautious and find a professional in order to avoid any possible side effects, but it is not easy. Luckily, we have a solution, and if you want to arrange a consultation with a person who can guarantee success and safety, visit

How efficient is it?


Okay, no one can grant an exceptional medical procedure that, at some point, wouldn’t seek another procedure or even surgery. Now, this is just how medical things work, as even the best medical professionals cannot grant anything, and it’s because there is no proven way that some procedures will be as efficient. If we learned anything from past experiences, that’s how surgery, regardless of the type, is something where results can vary, even when the same procedure is performed in the exact same way. The same rule applies for botox, but there are some differences too, which speak volumes about the overall efficiency of that type of procedure.

Namely, botox is approved by many studies, and they all agree that the results, even though they can differ, are exceptional ones. Now, many people mix botox with cosmetic surgery, and even though it’s widely accepted and claimed, it can be applied in different fields too. As for the efficiency of the botox, if one can grant anything, it’s that it will last for quite some time, and the only thing that might be different is the type of service, which, on the other hand, depends entirely on the medical professional performing the procedure. That is why there are so many opposite opinions, but overall, the efficacy of botox is exemplary, which is also one of the main reasons why so many people are fond of it.

The procedure


There isn’t much about this type of procedure that you might find difficult to understand, but the first important fact is that it all starts with proper consultation. It is the only way to get all the necessary info you might seek because you cover all the aspects, including the risks and possible side effects. Of course, the main thing is to stay calm and relaxed, as this will not hurt, and, in most cases, patients aren’t even aware that something is going on. On the other hand, the recovery process is something entirely different, and it can take a bit more time depending on how invasive the procedure is, it can take a bit more time.

As for the procedure itself, it starts with an injection, which is why the patient needs to be relaxed, as this also helps the plastic surgeon to see your facial muscles, and it helps them to aim the injection perfectly. Be prepared for several injections, as it is a common practice, and the main thing after the procedure is to keep your face upright for a couple of hours. Overall, it’s a much less painful and demanding procedure than some might think, and the pain should not be the problem here too. It is the only way to get all the necessary info you might seek, as you cover all the aspects, including the risks and possible side effects.

How much does it cost?


Preventative botox can help us look younger for a longer time, but it is not a cheap procedure, and we need to be aware that it can cost us a lot of money in the end. Only one treatment can cost up to $500 depending on the area we want to treat, or better say, depending on the number of injections used. One treatment is not enough, and it needs to be repeated occasionally, which will increase the total amount we need to pay in the end. However, there are no hidden costs, and every person will know how much it will cost right after consultation with a specialist, so there is no need to worry about that.


Although botox usage is safe and cannot do any harm to our bodies when used properly, it is crucial to be aware that there are some risks and possible side effects, especially if the procedure is done by an unprofessional person. If anything is done properly, side effects can be harmless like with any other injections, and one can feel a headache, dryness of the eyes, symptoms similar to flu, or bruising where the botox was injected. These symptoms are not a reason to worry, and they will disappear pretty soon. On the other side, although rare, the symptoms that are an alarm sign are a rash, vision problems, or difficulty breathing, and they always require professional medical help.