Days after the release of \”The Luckiest Man\” that shed light on what the finished project would sound like, X5IGHT\’s \”5:00 Shadow\” EP has finally made its debut. Known for their experimental sound production, the Chicago-based duo may have finally found the perfect fit.

Featuring three tracks, the EP maintains a \”minimal vibe\” that does not exactly follow the remixes that Brandon and Jerry have released over the summer, but does seem related to their last original release titled \”Warp.\” Potentially a game changer, the EP has undeniably set the bar pretty high for X5IGHT\’s future production.

Essentially, the duo wanted to take listeners on a musical journey, and the tracks do just that. There is a consistent progression that aims to make the individual tracks go hand in hand, and evolves into something \”grittier,\” inevitably enhancing the overall listening experience.

And as Brandon and Jerry\’s music influences continue to expand, the two want to make sure that their own music reflects that, as they also continue to try and surprise their growing audience. So it may be too early to ask what\’s next for X5IGHT, but there is one thing that they\’re promising: they will be focusing on the quality of their future work.

\”They are working very hard in the studio on perfecting their sound,\” says their manager. 

And as we said before, this is only the beginning.

Stream the entire EP below:

Grab your free copy of \”The Luckiest Man\” on Facebook, and purchase the other two tracks here.