We live in a time when daily life can’t be imagined without a smartphone. It’s been like that for a while now, and experience no longer is even possible without one. The usage is becoming more significant with every day, and all of us use them not only for messages and calls but also for music, video calls, watching movies, and playing games. This started to affect battery life extraordinarily, and we are always looking for ways to charge our phones faster and pray that our battery will last longer than the previous day. Thankfully, the technology advanced as much that our phones no longer require long hours for a recharge. One of the methods that are starting to be rather popular these days is wireless charging. Most popular smartphone brands such as Samsung, Apple, and Huawei offer this option on their products. Being no longer dependent on cable is good and well, but is wireless charging better for our phones?

People still worry about wireless charging being insufficient for their devices. They don’t know that it offers the same services as cable charging, and then some more. This is a subject that many people need education. No, this method will not damage your battery. It works on a simple principle. Wireless charger creates a magnetic field received by the coil in your phone, which works hard to transmit magnetic energy into an electric one, thus recharging your battery. This method charges your battery faster than conventional charging, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t apply it. It is gaining popularity, and it is because of this, many manufacturers are offering this potion on the device. The quality of life improves with wireless charging, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t try it out. If you’re still not convinced, please remain patient and read our stance on six reasons why wireless charging is better for batteries.

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There’s no doubt about it; the benefits are there; it’s just not many people are aware of it at this moment. This solution is excellent for both individuals and companies. It offers plenty of solutions that shouldn’t be overlooked. For example, it is an easier way to keep all employees connected and gather more data on this tech and its daily life. It can even help you pick more customers by making it available at your offices or workspace. It is one of the technologies that should change the way we live in the upcoming years. Now that you know this, let’s talk about our main subject – the reasons you should focus on wireless charging.

1. Fewer Cords

We can all agree on this one. No cords are what we dreamed about just a couple of years ago. USB chargers can be such a mess; we can all agree on this. They can even dedicate to which side of the bed you are going to sleep. Charging mats started to be to us humans as water nests are for the animals in Africa. With wireless charging, cords become things of the past, ancient relics. It would be best if you didn’t overlook this practical reason. There are many wireless solutions available that can be seen if you read more on this link.

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2. No Wear & Tear

Mobile phones are called that because you can carry them everywhere. Once they need charging and use the USB cord to do it, they lose their primary function. The worst situation is when you leave them on a charger and forget that they’re connected, and with one swift move, you rip the phone from the charger. This can cause damage to your phone and cable alike. A stupid situation that could make you repair your phone or get a new charger. Once you switch to wireless charging, these issues will disappear.

3. Safer Connections

You probably never think about this, but there can be a malfunction when your phone is on a charger. When it’s connected to an electrical grid, in case of a malfunction, both your charger and your phone could burn, melt, and even cause a fire. It has happened; remember the Samsung Note series from a couple of years ago. Electrical faults happen all the time, and if you can lower the risk, why not? Switching to wireless charging means no cords and no connection between the phone and any elements that could damage it.

Source: The Telegraph

4. Clean Surface

Cables of all types cause us immense issues. You probably have this problem at home or work—a dozen wires all over the place, especially in the area where your computer is. The internet cable, electric ones, mouse cable, keyboard one, and then add a mobile charger on top of it. It can make your head turn or even cause headaches. Just imagine having a clean table clear of all the cables. It’s not possible yet, but at least you can remove one more. With wireless charging, you at least won’t have to go through the trouble of looking for an additional electric outlet for your smartphone charger.

5. Durability

Erase the thoughts of plugging and unplugging the charger, and what you get? You get smartphone sockets that last longer or don’t even malfunction at all. The wear and tear on our phones are real, and they receive it from everyday usage. If you switch to alternative charging, this issue could become a thing of the past. No cables mean safety for both the wires and the smartphone.

Source: Android Central

6. No Overheating

You probably sometimes put your phone on the charger and then proceed to sleep. This means that your phone spends an entire night on the charger. This can cause overheating of both the charger and the smartphone. There’s no automatic shutdown. Guess what charger has this option? You guessed it right – the wireless one. The benefits don’t stop there. You also have less energy consumed, more safety during the charging sessions, and no risks of overheating the battery.