It’s no secret that every child loves to play games or browse through phones. Sometimes, it doesn’t really matter if they’re playing video games or even texting their friends, every parent can feel worried about their child and their safety. This especially applies to children who are first-time phone users. Gifting them a new gadget can be so tricky. Are you paranoid or not too sure what is it that they’re doing on there? If so, these tips will help you calm down and will teach you how to control your child, while not being over-controlling! Keep on reading and master these tips.

Top 4 tips for using parental controls on phones

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1. Limit their screen time

There is an amazing app by Google that you can use if you have an Android. This app lets you create a time limit for daily usage that will control and monitor your child as well as their activity while using yours or their phone. You can set it up in such a way that your child has to turn off the device at your ideal bedtime, for instance.

If your child ends up needing more time they will send you a request that you can approve or deny.

You can also set this up through your iPhone. However, the app might lag just a bit when compared to Androids.

2. Spy their WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most-used apps for communication, right after Viber and Facebook messenger. You can never know what your child is writing on there, or what they’re using the app for. This is you should check this review and find out all the little ways, tips & tricks, as well as hacks that can help you master this app!

To give you a shorter explanation, WhatsApp is used on your phones, laptops, or PCs, right? However, you can spy on your little ones by entering the address to your browser and by scanning the QR code that you will be given. Once the scan is completed, you can read the chat right on your computer. You can use this app on Android 7 or higher, as well as iOS and above.

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3. Control their access to apps and their content

You can spy some of their apps since the Android operating system allows you to set-up multiple user accounts on one single device. This way your child can stay logged in onto your phone, as well as on his or her device. You can also have them logged in on your spouse’s phone as well.

For Apple users, it can be a bit more difficult because you have to use iCloud. The right way to monitor this is by adding your kids to your ”family section ” through your screen time setting. Once added to the list you should, select App Limits, then Add Limit. This way you can control everything that they’re using or watching.

4. Be well aware of their privacy

In a world where everything is just one click away from your accessibility, it is vital to stay on a lookout. Both Apple and Google offer parental controls for your little ones. With the Family link app, you can block their access to some social media apps, such as Instagram or Facebook.

For iPhone users, you can set this up at the screen time settings menu. You could also hide your pictures on your phone, you can deny them microphone use, as well as Bluetooth connection.

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Top three most asked questions when it comes to parental control

Using different social media can be challenging and exhausting. Parents often have a hard time staying in touch and up to date with all the latest apps. If this is your concern as well, don’t worry, since we will keep you posted! Here are the top three most asked questions that people want to know when working with parental control restriction.

1. Q: Can I set up parental control for Snapchat and TikTok?

A: TikTok became the biggest app in 2023, but it seems like they will shut it down sometimes soon. For most people, this app is fun and easy to use, but some parents may find it vulgar or offensive. Most apps will let you disable features that could pose some risks for kids, such as chatting or sending pictures. Look into your child’s phone and see what their most-used and played app/game is. If you are unsatisfied with their screen time you can set-up parental control.

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2. Q: Should I worry if my child disables parental controls?

A: Most kids can and will undo parental controls. Nowadays everyone can find an explanation or a tutorial on how this is done on YouTube. You will probably get a notification that the parental control was breached — or not. If you end up noticing something different, such as unusual Wi-Fi or data activity after you’ve turned off the network, they’ve might be onto you. But you shouldn’t worry since there are always ways to bring it back up and running.

3. Q: Will my kind know that I am using parental controls?

A: Last, but not least, this question is something that scars most parents. Most kids will not be able to tell that something is different, as long as you set everything up the right way. You can even be open with your child and let them know what is it that you’re really doing, and why you believe that this is the right move for them and their safety.

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Ready for your proper parental control?

Do you feel less stressed about monitoring your child? A lot of parents do this quite often, which is good if you want to make a good example from the start. Simply take our advice into consideration and act accordingly. If you end up making slight changes right from the gecko, they won’t be able to tell that something is off. Read more about parenting control in this article.