Taking your toddler on their first vacation is an amazing thing, but we all know how easily things can take a turn for the worst. Our little ones are not as resilient as we are, and they can easily make a judgment on something that is going to last for many years to come. When you take them on their first vacation, you want to make sure that they are going to have the best time possible and they are going to remember it with a smile. Getting in the water is one of the biggest milestones, and being on the beach is something that will happen for hours each day. In this article, we are going to help make this trip as comfortable as possible, and we are going to list some reasons why toddlers should always wear water shoes.


1. You are going to protect their feet from the sun

We are all aware of how easily our little ones burn, and we tend to put all the SPF creams on them at all times. More often than not, we are able to protect our kids, and with the combination of the right clothes and hats, their faces and bodies are safe from the sun. However, they are going to spend a lot of time on the shore, and their feet are going to be wet all the time. No matter how much sunscreen you put on them, chances are, it will be to no avail. When you use this footwear, you are going to protect your child’s feet from the sun, and you won’t risk them burning no matter how much time they spend in the water.

2. There won’t be any issues getting in or out of the water

When a toddler wants to go in the water or out of it, they will realize that the surface is much more different than anything else they have walked on before. The sand is slippery, it easily changes, and their feet will go inside it with ease. They won’t be able to get even close to the shore without falling, and this can create problems. So, if you want to allow your child to explore on their own without being dependent on you at all times, you should explore this type of footwear. The shoes are going to protect their feet from the sand and the water, and they are going to feel much better and safer when they walk in and out of the water.


3. Your child won’t get any cuts or wounds

There are so many different things that can injure your child’s feet, starting from sharp rocks, up to sea urchins, broken glass, and all other things that can be found on the beach and in the water. It is easy for adults to avoid all these things, but for toddlers, that is close to an impossible mission. If you don’t want your kid to deal with cuts, bruises, and wounds, you should get the water shoes.

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4. There are not going to be any issues from the hot sand

As adults, we are well aware of how hot the sand can get, and even if we go to the beach in the early morning hours, the sand will get really hot, really fast. We can take bigger steps and save ourselves from the pain, but our little ones cannot do that. With the water shoes, you will allow them to safely explore the beach both when they are in the water, and when they are walking on the sand. There will be no risk of burning or injuring themselves, and the footwear is going to save them from blisters as well.


5. They will provide stability

We all love the adorable waddle that our toddlers have when they first start walking, but that just means that they are still learning how to be stable when they are learning how to walk. They need to stay confident in their steps. Their confidence comes from the surface they are used to, and the sand is not something they interact with every day, so they may feel scared to try and walk on the new texture. With the water shoes, you are going to let them explore the texture and the surface at their own pace, and they are going to feel much more confident and stable.

6. They are good even for swimming

Keep in mind that this type of footwear is great for everyone, starting from toddlers that are just learning to walk, up to older children, and even adults. These shoes are going to help your child get more comfortable when they are in the water, and they are more likely to get interested in swimming. They are not going to get anxious because of the seaweed, potential sea life, or anything else that might touch them when they are with their feet on the sand, or while swimming. They will be more likely to focus just on the movements they need to make, and not on their surroundings.


7. They are going to keep your child’s feet warm

Finally, we all know how difficult it is to get our kids to get out of the water, and sometimes the water can be too cold. On days when they won’t be allowed to swim for too much, they will definitely want to run around on the shore and have their feet wet. Well, with this type of footwear, you won’t have to worry about your toddler’s feet being cold, and you won’t risk them catching a cold. They are lightweight and easy to dry, so you won’t have to worry about changing the shoes or about them adding additional moisture to your kid’s feet.

There are dozens of other reasons why you should invest in this footwear, and the most important point is – you should get them to make your child safer and more comfortable. They are a great investment, they are practical, lightweight, easy to wear, and they dry quickly. You will not risk any issues or injuries when your kid is on the beach, and you are going to make your vacation much better and stress-free.