Return to player (RTP) is one of the most discussed issues among online casino players. The importance of RTP is in its potential return based on millions of spins on slots, millions of hands-on baccarat, poker, blackjack, or millions of spins on a roulette wheel. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about RTP and why they are better at Canadian online casinos.

It’s all about software providers

If you have spent more than 2 hours at an online casino, then you know the Canadian online gaming industry has seen a lot of success. These sites offer top-tier gaming options. Follow the link to see a ranking of the best Canadian online casinos. Here you’ll find that almost every slot machine offers high RTPs of about 97% – 99%. These high RTP games are all provided by reputable software providers, leaders in the gaming industry such as NetEnt, Playtech, Thunderkick, Dragonfish, etc. Here are some examples of slot games that pay back the highest percentage.

Mega Joker slot by NetEnt – 99% RTP
Kings of Chicago slot by NetEnt – 99% RTP
Monopoly Big Event slot by Barcrest – 99% RTP
1429 Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick– 98.6% RTP
Bloodsuckers slot by NetEnt – 98% RTP

Casino maintenance

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Though it’s illegal to operate online casinos within the country, players can gamble at sites located offshore. The only requirement is that they be legally registered to operate.

Canadian players of legal age can access online casino games with high payback percentages. The cost of running an online casino is lower than that of a land-based casino. That is why it isn’t a problem for them to include games with high RTP. The brick-and-mortar venues have a higher house edge because they have to pay for machinery, rentals, equipment, employees, etc.

The smaller the fixed and variable operation costs, the higher the games’ RTPs, and vice versa. There is no doubt that the live casino experience is entertaining. You can play games, and at the same time enjoy fine dining, shows, and even stay at a hotel.

However, this is applicable only if you want to socialize with people. But if you are in casinos to make money, land-based locations are not what you need. There’s a great chance you’d lose more than you’d win. That is why the majority of Canadian players choose to gamble online and have a better chance of winning.

Progressive Jackpot Infrastructure

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Canadian casinos offer a variety of slot games with a Progressive Jackpot feature. There are two major types of progressive jackpots: wide-era, and network-style. We will discuss them both in detail below.

Wide-era progressive jackpots

This type of progressive jackpot games can be found at various casino sites. These games are owned by software providers who offer them to casino operators which host the casino games on their sites. It’s the provider who pays the jackpot, not the casino. A small percentage of every player’s bet adds to the progressive jackpot pool.

Network-style progressive jackpots

These are found at the land-based casinos across Canada which contribute small percentages of each game’s bet towards the jackpot prize pool. In other words, when a player places a bet, the game’s jackpot grows.

The biggest wide-era progressive jackpot game is powered by IGT (International Game Technology). This slot game is called Wheel of Fortune. If you are a frequent visitor of online casinos, you might have seen the game, and know that it has multiple jackpot winners.

How to find RTP?

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RTPs are not hard to find. Most sites feel obligated to give you this information. If an online casino does not post a game’s RTP information, here are two tips to help you find it.

  • On the game itself. If you look carefully at the layout of the game, you can see the rules of the game. Sometimes it’s the ‘Info’ or ‘How to Play’ button. Click it to see the RTP provided by the software provider.
  • Certificates. It is always recommended to look at the list of licenses and certificates when searching for an online casino. Certification authorities like eCOGRA or TST (Technical Systems Testing) can also show you the RTPs of games since they test it for fairness. They have the data, so you can check the certificate on the casino website.

It’s not out of the ordinary to see games that are not certified by eCOGRA or TST. However, this doesn’t mean they are rigged. You can easily find the RTP of these games in the casino’s list of individual games’ RTP listed on their website.

General truth

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If you are interested in winning, and not just playing without a strategy, then you need to understand the concept of RTP and what games have the highest RTP. You will have to search for the best casino game scrupulously. However, all the games are more or less similar when it comes to RTP.

Typically, the games with the highest RTPs are table games. They require some skills. So, if you want to play winning games, then you should choose video poker, blackjack, or baccarat.

The lowest paying games are most slots, progressive jackpot slots, keno variants, and some instant games. They usually require little to no strategy at all. You just have to spin or pick numbers. Games like these can still be very profitable in the long run. You have to research them.


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The main reason why you should choose an online casino over a land-based one is payback percentages. The RTPs are higher at online casinos as their annual expenses are much less than those of brick-and-mortar casinos in Canada. You can visit your local casino now and then, but real winning takes place online.

Once you register to join a licensed and accredited online casino, you can be sure of its transparency, fairness, and credibly high payback percentages. Canadian players should stick to reliable operators that focus on players’ experience.