Many students migrate to another place to peruse their studies. So, they seek for accommodation in an independent home, apartment, university campus, cottages, etc. They should choose a home that is preferably situated near the university campus so they reach earlier. The place should be safe and secure so the students are not distracted by any miscreants nearby. Many students want a high-bandwidth and reliable internet connection because they want to study from the comfort of their home. The house should be situated near the shopping centers, ATM, stores, malls so that they can acquire the essential items they require anytime. The amber student is seeking for the best accommodation and hence he can seek for accommodation online.

How the students seek for accommodation?

The students want to live in a safe place and hence they choose a friendly neighborhood. Many people live in apartment along with their friends and people surrounding them. They should be able to enjoy nightlife and visit local shops frequently. But many students cannot afford to buy a home in a central location because it is costlier. But they should be surrounded by friendly people around them. The students are not the breadwinners and hence they cannot buy an expensive home. So, they should buy a home that provides the facilities they require. The students usually do not visit expensive malls or restaurants, but they require a place that is perfect for studying. Many students seek for accommodation in a quieter place so they can study without any disturbances. When choosing accommodation, they should choose a place that is secure and if they want to live in an apartment, then they should find out about the security system.

If any student is living as a paying guest, then they should choose the best owner. The owner should be friendly natured so that he can speak politely to the tenant and fulfill the needs of the students. The students are often inexperienced about life and hence they require somebody to care for them. The students also consider the communal facilities of a place. The area should be surrounded with a gym, common room, or a cinema room. The area should have a laundry room so that their clothes are well-maintained.

Usually, the students choose the following types of accommodation:

1. Private hall or residence

Source: Student World Online

These halls are usually privately owned and not by the universities. Such halls are usually built in apartments or studio apartments providing the best communal facilities and the best accommodation. An amber student can comfortably live in this private hall than living in a private home as a paying guest. Their rental charges include the communal and maintenance charges paid by them.  Such halls also consist of reception desks to assist the dwellers in every aspect.

2. University hall of residence

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The students should live in a university campus along with the other students. The students usually live in dormitories. They can study along with the other students and also discuss their problems. But they cannot enjoy the facilities that can be available in en-suite or studio apartments. They cannot live independently but yet can live with other students and resolve their doubts. Also, they can maintain punctuality. Usually, the students of the first year should live in a university campus because they can live in a secured place and also attend lectures.

3. Private renting

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Some students live in a rented home alone or along with their friends. If they live along with their friends, then they can accordingly share their rent. They can enjoy privacy if they are living alone. They can pay the monthly rent to the owners for accommodation. But, the owners do not provide food facilities to them.

4. Hostels

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The students can find accommodation in the hostel and also they provide food facilities to the students. Every student is provided with a single room in a large building.

5. Studio apartments

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The students usually live in studio apartments if they are seeking for privacy. It is a room that contains a kitchenette and a king-size bed. It is a room that is not partitioned. It is a self-contained unit it also contains a separate bathroom. The students cannot afford to rent an apartment with a single or double bedroom, but they can rent a studio apartment. The studios are usually luxurious and the students can live lavishly. The students may live individually or along with their friends and share the rent.

6. Ensuite


Ensuite does not comprise a kitchenette, but it only contains a bedroom and bathroom. It is a room that consists of a bathroom and shower facilities. Even dorm style rooms can be ensuites. It consists of a large bedroom along with a private en suite bathroom. It is a room that is directly connected to a bathroom.

7. Apartments

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The students can also live in apartments along with their friends. The apartments usually comprise one, two or three bedrooms. The students can live along with their friends and also share the rent.

The students should fulfill some legal formalities to secure a house on rent. They are often not aware of the laws prevailing in their state. Hence, they should nominate the guarantor. If a student is signing a tenancy agreement, then they usually require a guarantor to cover their rent. They require someone to secure their property and if any damage is caused to the property, then the guarantor should pay for it. So, the students should understand the formalities that should be fulfilled by them. They should not experience any problem with their owners.

The students should be able to find the best accommodation so that they can study without any distraction. They should be able to cater their basic needs and live a comfortable life. They require people who are friendly and helpful to them, but also should not cause any harm to them. So, they should consider different factors such as budget, locality, nearness to the university campus, etc. They should find the best place that is ideal for studying.