Milo & Otis out of LA have me so caught in the trap, that like a wild animal I\’d have to chew my arm off to get out. They\’re slaying dance floors with huge trap bangers that are in the top tier of all trap being produced right now. Drops so ratchet even your grandma would move like she had swag.

The voice sample before the drop on their well-known single \”Pigeons\” had me laughing out loud but, what\’s even more impressing is how they integrated a middle-eastern snake charmer vibe perfectly. I love it when good producers can take two totally different genres of music and seamlessly intertwine them like they should have been together all along.

\”Love 2 Love U\” is arguably their most genius and well-constructed song. The vocals are sampled from Donna Summers\’ 1975 sexy disco track \”Love To Love You Baby\”. If you haven\’t gotten on board with the genre Nu Disco, this Milo & Otis track is a perfect example as to how music from that era is still influencing producers today. A time when genuine talent reigned. Autotune WHAT!? Donna Summers FTW!

Their single released today, \”#FESTMUNCH\”, has success written all over it. Certified banger. In fact, I propose to you this: visit their SoundCloud page, click play and just let their discography play out. I\’ll bet you you can\’t find a track you dislike. Until then, follow them on Facebook and check out these tracks I know you\’ll love. Follow me, Sydney @ EDM Chicago, on SoundCloud for more new music you need to be listening to.