That would be the Chainsmokers. The New York City based duo rose to fame with their hit \’#Selfie\’, but they have been producing music since 2012. The Chainsmokers differ from a majority of other EDM artists. This is because they create music aimed towards parts of things people care about and through their tracks they try to implement improvement in those parts.

You can see this idea in their song #Selfie. A majority of us have heard it being played numerous amounts of times on the radio, but this satirical song says a lot more than we think about society. The song points out how society cares and focuses on their image, and worries about things like taking a selfie rather than living their life.

It is seen once again in their new song Kanye. This song pushes each of us to embody a confidence level like Kanye West, and to do things that we want to do not what we think society wants us to do.

I really do think we can all take something away from the Chainsmokers music. They definitely go above and beyond many other EDM artists, and they deserve recognition for their impressive ability to reach people with their music. If you want to hear more of them, tomorrow, they are releasing their Electric Zoo performance live!