We live in a world of information, and numerous enterprises base their work ethics on both the velocity and the actuality of shared information, especially if the companies employ a large number of workers whose communication should be based in real-time. What makes a Microsoft Teams platform superior to others is the ability to enable the ones using it a better service than the competition and almost instant customer support when explaining various range of services to the users is in question. Learn about why you should be using this particular program to increase the communication level at your company and stand out from the crowd of enterprises using obsolete means of exchanging important data.

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Instant Communication

What is especially important to highlight about Microsoft Teams is that it does not matter where the users are located, since everything that is going on in the platform momentary informs the ones interested and updates their archives as soon as a change is made. This particular approach to improving communication, therefore, surpasses the limits of both office-based and international companies, enabling them to exchange words, files, videos, and other materials without having to wait for belated data.

What makes Microsoft Teams better than the competition is a range of numerous features this product delivers to its users. The value reflects not only in a variety of options but in the ability of the platform to enable all of the features at the same time.

What can Microsoft Teams Do for Your Company

Microsoft Teams represents a continual, teamwork platform based on information exchange, where you can share the data of interest with as many associates as you need, in an instant. Therefore, read through the following list to see for yourself what are the features that make Microsoft Teams superior to others providing similar services. It does not matter if you manage a small or large company, since the platform is designed to improve your business regardless of its size.

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Teams and Channels

Numerous different, yet related channels make teams, and they are nothing else than conversations among various team constituents. Now, what you can do is exchange the data between different channels and combine them with different teams. Unlike other similar platforms, the participants can invite other personas to chats and tag them in order to assign them with the info of interest. Therefore, apart from transparency, you always have all the data in one place, always ready for modification. Apart from public chats, team members can communicate between themselves and form specific groups.


When specific information is shared, it is also preserved in a specific folder on SharePoint Online, where each team has its characteristic folder containing all the shared among team members. Therefore, there is no chance that something valuable ends up misplaced. Also, this particular approach saves time since you can search for anything particular and find it within seconds and share it with your colleagues.

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Online Meetings and Video Calling

We are not sure if you are ever going to host a meeting for ten thousand souls at the same time, but Microsoft Teams dares you to try! Jokes aside, but this is how much persons can participate in an online meeting. Apart from that, you can utilize fast video calling and communicate with numerous participants simultaneously. Another important feature is often neglected by the competition, which is kind of odd since it enables even more benefits in terms of communication. Namely, audio conferencing enables you to be a part of a meeting even if you are on the move and cannot afford to be at one place, so you can use your phone to connect to other participants. This is especially applicable for the teams that dedicate their time to working on the field.

Since this platform is relatively new to the majority of users, you might want to learn about how to use it in the most efficient way and make the most for your company.

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The Telephony

Large enterprises spend a fortune on their phone bills and often sign valuable contracts with different phone companies to lower the cost of this necessity. Fortunately, you would not have to worry about this if you choose to be a part of the Microsoft Teams family, since, with the Microsoft 365 Business Voice, your troubles cease to exist, at least when we talk about particular monthly bills.

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The Apps

If you choose to work with the assistance of Microsoft Teams, you should soon realize that this is a lot more than a classic joint business platform. Namely, there are even apps designed particularly for this unique principle, and the trend of creating useful tools related to Microsoft Teams is on the rise, so even more improvements are expected to be crafted in order to make your job even easier. No, it is not an operating system, since it is much more proficient.

It is Fun

You might be accustomed to dull interfaces and boring chat platforms you mostly use because you have no alternative. Working with Microsoft Teams is totally different, not only because of the interface but also because it is designed to stimulate its users to experiment and utilize its features to the max. To be honest, neither you nor the people you are working with would not be able to utilize the abundance of positive aspects this platform provides within a short period. Therefore, the more time you spend on it, the more you will use it for different purposes without lacking in proficiency.

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Hopefully, the text above has helped you scratch the surface of numerous benefits that Microsoft Teams can provide you with. Since the possibilities provided by this platform have never been joined together in one place before, failing to take the opportunity and utilize all the positive options it provides would be reckless. Therefore, do try to learn more about how else you can prosper with the implementation of this approach and modernize before the competition does!