When the infamous COVID-19 pandemic started the whole world moved online. Schools and universities were the first ones to start applying online classes as the norm. Today, many students are still taking online classes despite the pandemic showing signs of stopping. What’s even better you can take online classes for whatever you want. Job applications are taken online now, through video calls, all meetings are still held this way. Some students even find it hard to get back to school despite missing their friends through the testing times.

Now that everyone is already accustomed to taking online classes it’s the right time to up the game. In this article, we are going to discuss the six tips and hacks for taking online classes. We are sure that anyone who took even one class this way started thinking: how can I make this better? If you’re still lacking ideas, worry not, we are here to cover you.

This piece will contain a few guidelines and it is an honest piece of advice on our part. If you are interested in taking a few shortcuts when it comes to online classes keep on reading.

1. Time Management


Time management is essential in most spheres of life, and online classes are no different. But, what do you actually know about time management? For many individuals, it’s doing a lot in a short amount of time. Wrong! What it actually refers to is prioritizing your obligations and fitting them all in a specific time frame. What you should do is schedule everything. Today even our e-mails have a calendar. Make sure that you know when you’re going to study and when you’re be taking classes.

So, zone out, turn your notifications on all devices and applications, and focus. Take a break when you need one. When you’re listening to your classes online make sure that you take the needed breaks. When you get better at time management your focus will improve and you’ll benefit from it greatly. If you’re not up to this right now, maybe you should check out

2. Be Active

Taking online classes and being online constantly through social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook eventually, classes will take a toll on your body. You’ll want to avoid this at all costs. But, maybe all of your obligations will be too much for you to exercise on regular basis. This is ok, not all of us have the luxury to hit the gym every other day. What you should do instead is to take a walk early in the morning, right after you get up. We’re not talking about long distances.

A couple of miles would suffice. See it as something you must do every morning like washing your face and teeth. This will greatly help you in establishing a routine tied to your learning. Yes, online classes and being constantly on your computer will make you cranky and unwilling to move, but you need to force yourself to be active.

3. Organize Video Calls and Calendars


Yes, the organization will be your main weapon in doing everything right. First of all, you are probably a person who is using multiple apps. Many apps such as g-mail, and yahoo are having calendars. Make sure you synchronize them. This way the chances are slim that you’ll miss an important appointment.

The next step is doing the same with all of your FaceTime or Zoom video calls. Make sure that all of them are a part of your already synced calendars. This way you’ll always be reminded when you have your next class. What more could you ask for?

4. Take Care of Your Health

In this paragraph, we’re not talking about your physical health, although it’s also important. We’re more focused on your mental condition. Not all people are who study online are youngsters with nothing else to do. No, many people taking online classes are mature folks who have jobs, kids, or many other things on their minds. For some of them, this could be too many responsibilities.

For younger people even only taking online classes is. With many things on your mind, burnout is not a surprising conclusion. If you’re about to burn, your education will suffer without a doubt. This is why you need to take care of your mental condition. Health in this department mustn’t be underestimated.

Because of this, despite all of the things on your mind and your schedule you need to ensure that a break is taken. Have hobbies, take time off, rest, recharge, and sometimes just try to detach from everything.

5. Limit Distractions


Taking online classes usually means you’re at home. This could be a positive thing, but there are downsides to it. One of the biggest ones is distractions. When you’re at home, and especially when you’re living with other people, it can be hard not to be distracted.

But, this is something you could deal with in a classroom full of other people. The distraction we’re talking about is the plague of modern society – a smartphone. When you’re in a classroom your phone will be off and in the bag or a pocket. But, when you’re sitting in your room things will be different. It will be harder not to check out your Instagram feed, or any other notification that could pop out. You need to ensure that the phone usage is down to the minimum.

The best would be if you turn it off during the duration of the lesson. Also, if you’re living with your family or a spouse you need to make them aware of your schedule and the importance of respecting it.

6. Create Notes

During the lessons, you’ll be able to take notes. What’s even better you’ll be able to type them on your keyboard. When you do this, one thing is vital. Save it on Google drive. This way you’ll always have access to them. Also, be sure to share them with your classmates.

In return, they’ll do the same. So all of you can have a complete set of notes. Camaraderie is what’s important here and it could take you a long way when it comes to online studies.