Many bookmakers have already incorporated esports into their market offerings. The reason for that is quite simple – they see the potential of reaching a new, dedicated audience. Nevertheless, adding esports markets might not be enough.

To place a successful esports bet offering, bookmakers like GGBET believe products need to be tailored for the esports audience and their needs, rather than focusing on what has always worked in traditional sports. So let’s come up with a list of the four required to unlock a best-in-class esports product and/or service.

4 Ways to Make a Successful Bet on Esports

1. Well-organized processes and infrastructure


With complex development roadmaps and the absolute power needed for making a smart offer, creating an engaging esports betting product to financially benefit from the growing interest in esports is a great challenge for bookmakers. This organizational roadblock often makes esports bookmakers provide the same package of esports offers as they do for traditional sports. In other words, they keep their audience less involved in the betting process. It’s important to work with well-secure providers with proven infrastructure, clear and simple integration activities, as well as good and active interactions.

2. Quality over quantity


League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS:GO are some of the most popular esports these days. You will have many more titles to choose from, whether you already have a favorite title or you are just looking for one. You should focus on the games that the majority of esports enthusiasts have already brought to the pedestal. If you wager on less popular games, you should keep your bet size low to minimize risks.

Many bettors tend to leave bookmakers if CS:GO or LoL matches aren’t covered there. The support of esports mastodons has become one of the signs of quality for the betting site. You shouldn’t take it this way. Therefore, it’s important to consider all features, rather than going for a narrow pool of identical markets on a limited range of games.

3. Real-time data used for live betting activities


In traditional sports, data is usually collected through a combination of manual editing and computer analysis. Manually edited data from sports happens to be common, and quite reliable with high uptime.

To achieve similar results in esports, you should get access to data from the game servers. It is the most efficient data source available. It unblocks the opportunity for markets to be available throughout the lifespan of each match and competition. It also demonstrates the potential to financially benefit from popular bet offers and products, including bet builders, flash/instant markets, and round-by-round betting.

4. The most attractive offering for a particular audience


Establishing sustainable customer differentiation becomes possible by offering the most exciting bet offers for players, and enabling a data-driven process. For example, a bookmaker might have a clear understanding of a game that features Natus Vincere in CS:GO. People are most likely to bet in their favor. So there is usually a high volume of bets, especially when it comes to a popular team with a lot of fans.

The same bookmaker might also suggest some live-streaming services and esports forums. Following top esports players is also a good way to stay updated with the esports trends. Just imagine how much information you can learn by following s1mple, a popular AWP player in Natus Vincere. This way, you will increase your chances of placing a solid bet with potential winnings. How about a pre-combined bet offer that will bundle your favorite bets?

The focus switches from offering a great variety of bet offers and games to developing a smart offer based on your betting preferences. The strength of technical infrastructure should be sufficient for registering all betting opportunities.

Final Word

While you are learning how to gamble on esports, it probably won’t rival the NFL in terms of the action you’re about to take. With that being said, you can benefit from an amazing chance to capitalize on your skills. Feel free to do a little research and explore the sports functions. Make esports become a profitable part of your gambling experience.


When it comes to bets, the future bettor needs to choose a reliable bookmaker. Of great importance is the reputation of the bookmaker, which is formed for years and remains with the office forever. We recommend that you make online e-sports in licensed domestic offices. If the company was not too lazy to undergo a licensing procedure, it means that it plans to honestly and work long, so the risk of an causeless blocking of the account and non -payment of the winnings will be minimal. In addition, it is worth reading reviews about the work of BC. This should not be custom -made comments of the same type, but the opinions of real users.

We advise you to be alert if there are too many positive or negative reviews about any BC. The practice of wrapping positive comments sin by new companies to create the effect of significance, and too much negativity can only be with black PR from the competitor. Payments Stable and quick payments – for which the bettors, in fact, come to the office.

A reliable bookmaker will never come up with excuses, so as not to pay money at a won rate. But dubious companies at the slightest opportunity freeze the money of players or block the possibility of withdrawal. On the ODDSPEDIA website you will find a fresh rating of trusted domestic bookmakers who do not force customers to worry about payments.

We recommend that bets only in licensed offices – in this case, your money will be protected by law. Betting opportunities All bookmakers following trends in Betting include Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and League of Legends (legends), World of Tanks, Rocket of Glory, King of Glory. This is the leading three cyberdisciplines that play around the world (and, accordingly, make bets on them).

The more other e -sports games are included in the pre -match line and is lit in liva, the better for the bettor. In addition, this indicates the professionalism of the bookmaker. An important indicator of the significance of the BC is the number of markets in painting less popular games – Valorant, Rainbow Six, Starcraft, Fifa, PES and others.

Top bookmakers hire entire states of analysts who study information in these disciplines and offer their coefficients. Welcome bonus and promotions Many offices for bets provide welcoming bonuses and freebies for new players.

Look at which bookmaker the sentences are better and choose the option that suits you. Bonuses for their customers offer almost all online consumers. Gifts may differ in type (freebies, cashbacks, etc.) and the method of wagering. The most popular among bettors is a welcome bonus. It is given simply for registration on the BC website – you do not even need to make a deposit. However, such generous sentences are not in all BCs. You can regularly find the best promotional offers from leading bookmakers.