Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is an incredibly popular first-person shooter game with a thriving online community. As part of the game’s online experience, Valve Corporation offers a range of skins for weapons, cases, knives, and gloves that can be bought or traded with other players.

These skins are something different from the actual gameplay mechanics and are purely aesthetic features that also have varying degrees of rarity. The rarer the skin, the higher its value will be in terms of price and players’ preferences.

The most important thing to note about CS: GO skins is that they exist in eight levels of a rarity – namely Consumer Grade (White), Industrial Grade (Light Blue), Mil-Spec Grade (Blue), Restricted (Purple), Classified (Pink), Controlled Device / Covert (Violet/Red Striped) Terrorism Device / Contraband (Yellow/Gold Striped) and finally Galil Skins which includes Multiple Types within its category.

Currently, there are over 2,800 weapons skins available like AWP Skins and they have been added to CS: GO as part of every update since 2021. Some keys include the Bloodsport AK-47 skin family which has become one of the more iconic collections present in the game today.

Where to Find Them?


Players can find CS: GO skins across various platforms, each offering varying levels of rarity. They can be traded with other players, sold for real money through third-party sites, or bought via Steam’s community marketplace.

Whether you’re looking to show off your own collection or find the perfect one-of-a-kind item to add to your arsenal, you’ll need to know where to look and what to look for in order to take advantage of all the skins available in CS: GO.

Steam Community Marketplace: Players can buy and sell their CS: GO skins on Steam’s Community Marketplace using their Steam Wallet funds. The listings on the Marketplace include those posted by other players and by third-party sites. When buying from another player or reseller on Steam’s Marketplace beware of scammers who could potentially dupe players out of their money.

Crates and Key Drops: Valve has added rare weapon cases which drop randomly during play and contain a variety of modules for specific weapons equipped with StatTrak™ technology tools for tracking a weapon’s usage statistics throughout its life cycle (number of kills, total shots fired, etc.).

Unique in-game stickers called Souvenir Packages can also occasionally be obtained as rare drops while playing official game modes during special events held by Valve such as Major Championships tournaments sponsored by them (players have also been able to get Souvenir Packages dropped if they spectate certain games).

Each Souvenir Package contains an instance of an item with an additional special design applied to it e.g., Flag Sticker; additionally, it is also accompanied by stickers made specifically for that tournament as well as one containing team signatures (usually autographs) which corresponds with participants in said tournament amongst others items such as pins and watches depending on event/tournament being watched at the time of obtaining Souvenir Package!

Third-Party Sites: A number of third-party sites allow players to buy and sell CS: GO items without using the Steam Community market.

These services allow users more flexibility when selling large volumes of items at once than the market does; its fees are reduced compared to using Steam’s marketplace directly too! Third-party providers include popular sites like Bitskins, OPSkins, CSGoSkins,  Lootbear & G2A amongst others which offer more security & ease when trading digital goods. That includes keys needed in order open certain crates/weapon cases containing newer commercialized Skins’ unique thematically themed designs applied onto weapons.

Types of Skins in CS: GO


CS: GO offers a variety of weapon skins that can be applied to the standard board of weapons. Generally, they range from common and inexpensive skins to rare and highly sought-after masterpieces. The types of skins vary from simple designs to ultra-rare, special collections.

Below is a breakdown of the various types of CS: GO skins available in-game:

Common – These are usually affordable and easy to obtain, they are among the most frequently seen weapon skins in CS: GO. They typically have very basic patterns or designs with limited customization options.

Wrapped – Wrapped skins offer a variety of different finishes as well as an interesting pattern without having to do any real work. These can range from original colors, classic colors, or even some splashed paint textures that just give it that special feel without breaking the bank.

Exotic – Exotic weapon colors are unique by themselves or by mixing two or more colors together. You’ll find very specific patterns and fades here, up to luxury golden tools fit for Kings!

Contraband – Uniquely designed with an alluring backing story, these are some of the most sought-after and expensive weapons cases you can get your hands on in CS: GO. Contraband cases come with exotic finishes, particle effects, and different levels of rarity that make them popular among collectors!

Mil-Spec – These rank higher than regular common quality but lower than Classified Skin Quality. Mil-Spec offers a high level of detail with multiple texture changes and high cloth-grade design changes making these weapons distinctive from other crates in its category like reduced glare creating realistic metal looks found on military-grade equipment or audio accompaniment when shooting in the game adds to creating an atmosphere suitable for any great shooter experience seeking players!

Classified Quality – Classified quality is considered one of the highest qualities ingame with each piece comes customized features like stickers/team branding / holographic images generated by developers adding that unique flair that make it seriously stand out amongst competitors!



CS: GO is an incredibly popular game and its skins are no less so. There are hundreds of different skins to choose from, offering a huge range of styles and colors for players to dress up their weapons with. Whether you’re looking for something stylish or just want to express yourself, there’s bound to be a skin that fits the bill. With such variety on offer, it’s no wonder why CS: GO has remained one of the most beloved games in the world!