Today Vndy Vndy\’s Deep House track \’Fragments Of Words\’ has been released on the new Russian label Dacekraft Records. The track packs a unique vibe with cut-up vocals, which I\’m definitely feeling.

Buy the original mix on Beatport. Grab the radio edit on the Dacekraft Records Facebook page.

I had never actually heard of you before I got the awesome \’Fragments Of Words\’ promo. Can you introduce yourself to us?

Hello! I`m young music producer from Russia! \”Fragments Of Words\” is my second release. I have started writing electronic music after a trip to America. The country had a huge influence on me. In American clubs I was playing the Russian “Kalinka Malinka” mixed with hip hop.

Tell us some more about the track. The name sounds like it has a deeper meaning to it?

The vocal part of the track is made up of fragments of words. I live in a big city, where every day strangers pass by where I can hear just part of their conversations. In particular, I pay attention to the female voices (laughs). I think it\’s romantic and so I put together different voices and words in one vocal sample. I think its cool!

It has been signed to a new label called \’Dancekraft Records\’. How did they find you?

I met with Artem Artego (label owner) recently. We both live in Ekaterinburg, Russia. He is co-founder and owner of Dancekraft Records. Our views on modern house music are similar and we decided to work together. I hope our cooperation will continue!

What got you into making deep house in the first place?

I love house music! Especially deep house, because deep house is a music that is not only for the dancefloor, but also for the soul. Everyone can listen to deep house, at home and in their car! Deep house is a universal and unique style!

Describe your ultimate festival or club night.

People on the dancefloor are always necessary to amaze. No matter what kind of music I play, they should scream \”Wow\”! I always play house music, but can abruptly turn to hip-hop or trap or even breaks!

What can we expect next from you?

I just finished a new cool track with Artem Artego. This is my first collaboration and I am absolutely delighted about the result! We want Europe and America to hear Russian music. Believe me, we have something to show you! 😉