Welcome to the eleventh edition of Viva La Bass, a weekly playlist dedicated to showcasing innovative, avant-garde, and timeless bass music. This week\’s compilation is dedicated to the burst of emotion one experiences when they find a new artist or track that they can\’t get enough of. This explosion of elation is the way we connect to the artists we listen to and I hope you will get that feeling listening from the tracks below.

5. Stan & Scatz – Entangled

Scatz is a producer from Conneticut and Stan produces out of Denver. They collaborated with thousands of miles in between them but the result is invigorating.

4. METOO ft. Sam P – Blinded

Not much is known about this intriguing electronic duo but their genre-merging style is undeniable. See for yourself.


3. Aevi – Rush Hour

Aevi is an up and coming dubstep producer that deserves your attention. The track below came from a 4-track compilation, titled \’Goodbye\’. Hopefully Aevi isn\’t gone for too long!


2. Monxx & 12th Hour – Bass Grenade

Get ready for the bass grenade… Monxx and 12th Hour took this track to whole other level.

1. Zetta & Dead Critic – Gameboy

Zetta is an international teenage dubstep duo and their new collaboration with Dead Critic is blowing up right now. Viva La Bass.