The Good – The Vibes Hi-Fidelity Ear Plugs provide great protection to your hearing, slicing screaming highs and mellowing out pulsating lows, all while still being able to hear the most out of the middle ranges. Their customizable cushions are also some of the most comfortable cushions for earplugs that I have experienced.

The Bad – Due to their size, transparent build and lack of connecting string or marker, it is insanely easy to lose these earplugs.

Summary – These all passive noise canceling earbuds from heaven are a must for any concert goer and musician.

With products out there like Bose and Shure, you would think there was no way around punching a hole in your checkbook to save your ears from painful deterioration. Then I was introduced to the Vibes High Fidelity Ear Plugs, and man are these something to not take lightly. Lets start off with how these bad boys work with a direct quote from their website.

\”Vibes actually filter acoustics, lowering decibel levels equally from bass to treble. This is done though a special sound tube and sound-enhancing acoustic filters that balance and modify the sound waves properly. This allows you to hear the music exactly the way it intended to be heard, only without the damaging decibels that cause your ears to ring and become damaged.\”

State of the art stuff right? Well what makes these guys better than any other earbuds I\’ve seen out there, ignoring their extremely affordable $23.99 pricetag and no need to get custom fittings to snag them in the first place, is how unreally balanced they are. Testing these earplugs for my own ears in settings ranging from a soundproofed recording studio and a heavy handed drummer, to a bangin\’ local bass head show, to just small study rooms with Bluetooth speakers, I never once felt like I was missing the music coming my way, or the conversations from people held around me. It was quite literally as if I had an audio engineer over my ears that was actively mastering my surroundings so I could take in everything through my ears without getting overwhelmed.


Another thing that really separated these earplugs from the others for me is just how comfortable their earplugs are. I\’m sure if you\’ve ever seen earplugs, they usually come with cushions that are staggered and column and feel like drills in your head that are more low pass filters than actual noise filters. With Vibes, there were moments where I totally forgot I was wearing them. The feel is slick, smooth and natural and even in humid and sweaty environments or even for high paced and active environments such as for my drummer friend, these boys stayed snug. However, with every great thing, there is a trade off, no matter how small.


When I first received these earplugs one fear crept in my mind, how am I gonna make sure I don\’t lose these things. While the earplugs come with a travel case and the box is quite reasonably sized, that wasn\’t my worry. My worry was if they did in fact become un-snug from my ear or I just wasn\’t thinking and put them down somewhere, how could I find them. While the visuals I have thrown around this article have probably shown thoroughly, these earplugs are almost completely translucent. While this looks really cool aesthetic wise, this can lead to losing these great investments for good, and this nearly happened to me when I accidentally dropped them after trying to swap cushions and spent a good 20 minutes looking for them in the cluttered studio I was in.


That really minor and specific problem aside, Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs are an amazing product. Their smooth filtering of sound, snug comfortable fit and heavenly pricetag should signal every musician, festival goer and music lover to throw this on your wishlist.