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The biggest and fastest negative effect of smoking marijuana is the intake of smoke in the lungs, which it creates when the plant, tobacco, and cigarette paper start to burn. It is true that by burning and inhaling smoke from the box, we achieve the feeling of “high”, but there are no problems or damage inflicted on our respiratory system.

Inhaling smoke brings carcinogens through the bronchial tree directly into our lungs. The consequence is irritation of the throat, but long-term exposure to it is risky for our lungs and even for our lives.

The function of evaporation is to heat the plants to a temperature that is efficient, but not too hot to destroy the useful substances in marijuana. Instead of burning the plant, the evaporator dehydrates the plant and thus causes the matter to be released without being completely burned and to mix with other substances in the air when oxygen is burned.

Not only do vaporizers have medical benefits, but there are other important things, which are important to list. When the evaporator starts to be used, the need to use other things decreases; so for example, we don’t need an ashtray anymore. We no longer have to deal with crowded pipes, and our teeth are no longer yellow from smoking. To browse different vaporizers available for purchase, visit On top of all of this, there are some cool tips and tricks you can use your vaporizer for. Keep reading this article to learn all of them.

1. The French inhale

For this particular trick, you need to be more than a beginner. Those who smoke cigarettes are familiar with how it’s performed. What you want to achieve is the smoke you already inhaled to go through your mouth towards your nostrils, giving the effect of a reverse waterfall.

To perform it just try your best to inhale as much as vapor you can fit in your mouth and hold it there, don’t let it go all the way to your lugs or exhale it just yet. Then, by using your lower lip, push the smoke slowly out of your mouth, via upper lip, towards the nostrils. To keep the smoke flowing in the right direction, start inhaling it through the nose.

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2. The bull ring

Smokers are also quite familiar with the technique of this trick, which means some experience is required. However, it’s nothing a little exercise couldn’t teach you. As the name itself says, you want to exhale the smoke in a way that it forms a bull ring.

You will achieve it by inhaling a significant amount of smoke in your mouth. Again, don’t let go all the way to your lungs just yet, you have a trick to perform. Leave it in your mouth for a couple of seconds and then exhale in such a way, that a circle or a ring, made of smoke comes out of your mouth.

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3. The ghost inhale

This is the one that doesn’t require any experience, just speed. So, if you’re a beginner and you want to show off, doing this trick will show people you’re not a complete rookie.

It’s called the ghost inhale because a small cloud of smoke you exhaled disappears soon after it appeared (like a ghost, obviously). To perform this trick, inhale smoke in your mouth and leave it there for a couple of seconds. Then, at first, slowly exhale the smoke doing your best to keep it in a balloon shape, not letting it disperse all around. Then, as fast as possible, inhale all the smoke you exhaled back into your mouth or lungs.

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4. Triangles

Once you had enough practice performing the trick number 2. you level up to an advanced trick performer by learning how to make a triangle out of that bull ring. This requires more practice and the usage of your hands as well, but since you’re already smoking, might as well have fun with it.

To perform this trick, repeat the first couple of steps from the bull ring – inhale a larger amount of smoke, retain it in your mouth, then exhale O shape. Only, this time for your palms in the triangle shape and as quickly as possible hit the O shape with your hands to make a triangle. And voila, you’ve just sculpted your first O shape smoke.

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5. The dragon

This is by far the coolest trick a beginner could perform, with a tiny bit of practice. The smoke is directed to travel through the sides of your mouth and your nostrils, making you look like an angry dragon who’s about to spitfire.

To perform this trick, inhale a lot of some in your mouth and slowly start releasing it through your nostrils. Be careful not to spend all of the smoke you inhaled. After this, position your lips in a way that they are closed in the middle and slightly open on the sides. Exhale the rest of the smoke through the side of your mouth. This trick is easy and cool, at the same time.

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6. The waterfall

You become a true magician when you learn how to turn smoke into a liquid, in this case, a waterfall. To perform this trick, you’ll be needing a bottle with ice. Hold it somewhere near you. Step two, you inhale as much smoke as possible, in your mouth, and exhale all the smoke into the bottle. After that start pouring the smoke from the bottle and it will appear like liquid.

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Aside from all the cool tricks, you can perform with a vaporizer the ultimate benefit that makes vaporizers so carefree is the fact that they are widely more effective smoking methods. In the process of smoking, many compounds inside the heads are dispersed in the air, regardless of whether they are inhaled or not. This is because the fire continues to burn as long as it has a supply of fuel available to support it. By using a vaporizer, nothing gets wasted, but you.