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Building a house is a painstaking job and requires a lot of time. What makes many people happy is the coverage of the house, because only then do they realize that the work is coming to an end. The roof is one of the key items that should be carefully chosen and not regret paying a little more to make sure that it will serve you well for decades to come. Otherwise, you may have problems with leakage and moisture. It is for this reason that many doubts about whether a tile or a metal roof is better.

Although people more often opt for roof tiles at least when it comes to their homes, recently, there are more and more people who, based on the spacious halls and factories, opt for a metal roof. Let’s look at the pros and cons together when it comes to this type of roof.


Metal roofs are stylish

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Probably the first thought of a metal roof for most is a flat, impersonal plate whose sole purpose is to protect from leaks and other weather conditions. However, those who pay attention to aesthetics should know that today metal roofs are made in over a hundred different colors, as well as that the material for making them can be different – zinc, copper, tin, galvanized steel, and aluminum. On Hamill Metals you can learn more about it and everything you should know about metal roofs. Of all these materials, steel and aluminum are the most popular. What is good about this type of roof is its design whose primary function is to hold the final layers of paint. So, these roofs will fit aesthetically perfectly with any style of the house.

There is no moss sediment on the metal roof

We know that moss, as well as various insects and bacteria, accumulate on the roof tiles over time. In addition to not looking aesthetically pleasing, it can lead to bigger problems, because, as we know, moss retains water, and thus prevents drainage. Besides, moss eventually leads to gutter clogging.

The metal roof does not increase the chances of lightning strikes

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Those who are afraid of lightning have probably given up on the metal roof at the first thought of the weather. However, it has been proven that metal roofs do not attract lightning, although this opinion is present because metal is a good conductor of electricity. Lightning strikes are usually higher objects such as buildings, antennas, or trees.

However, even if lightning strikes the house since the metal is not flammable, the metal will conduct electricity through the structure of the building.

It muffles the sound of rain

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Yes, metal roofs can be very noisy, but only if the insulation is not done properly. If done according to the regulations, this type of roof will even muffle the sound of rain and adverse weather conditions.

It is long-lasting

If we are going to talk about the lifespan, I can say that with a metal roof you have solved your problems for the next 40-70 years! Not bad, right?

Easy for installation

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Metal roofs are significantly lighter than other types, making them easy to install.

Fire resistant

Because this material is fire resistant, metal roofs are a great solution for areas where there is a risk of fire. Although they have proven to be good when it comes to fire from the outside, in case a fire breaks out in the house, metal roofs are not the best solution, because in this case, it will be much harder for firefighters to put out the fire and cut through the roof.

Environmentally friendly

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All those who care about the environment will be happy to hear that a metal roof is environmentally friendly and that, after a lifetime, it can be 100% recycled, the same cannot be said for other types of roofs.

Energy efficiency

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Many people worry that hot summer days will be even more unbearable under metal roofs. However, because they reflect solar radiation rather than absorb it, they can reduce cooling costs by 20% in the summer.


Although metal roofs are the easiest to maintain and do not require too much attention, you still need to check from time to time if everything is in order, as well as to clean them. Cleaning is very simple, soap and water are enough. Maintenance is important and will not lead to any problems that can further cause leaks and moisture in the attic.


The metal roof is lighter

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Again, we come to something we have already mentioned, and that is that a metal roof is lighter than others. While on the one hand, it is a tidiness, because it is easier and faster to install, on the other hand, there is a risk of damage during strong gusts of wind, although there are those who can withstand winds of 140 km/h.

The metal roofs are slippery

We know that sooner or later there will come a time when you will have to climb on the roof to clean it and check if everything is in order. Still, when it comes to a metal roof, it is recommended to do it only when the weather is dry because the metal is extremely slippery. However, sophistication also has its advantages, as it does not allow snow to linger on the roof.

It is expensive

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Yes, metal roofs are even 2-3 times more expensive than all other roof coverings, but they are also of better quality and longer-lasting. This is one of those smart investments you don’t need to regret paying more for. The installation itself is more expensive than the others because it requires careful work and the use of special tools. However, it is better to pay once and not think about it for a long time.

Metal roofs can crack at the seams

Unfortunately, this happens, but only in cases where the metal roofs are not installed properly. That is why experienced contractors must do it.