Australian songwriter and singer Vanessa Elisha is back again with her newest track “Butter,” produced by LOXE. Hearing what these two have released in the past, were excited for their newest creation. Elisha delivered a unique vibe with “Butter,” steering away from a dark track and moving towards more of a fun and sultry feel.

Additionally,  listening to  Janet Jackson sparked inspiration for “Butter” after realizing how provocative and dirty some of her songs were, says Elisha.

“I wanted to make something a little less dark, a little more fun, a little more sexy. I was listening to artists on Soundcloud and came across this UK producer, LOXE and felt like he was the perfect blend of R&B and 80’s pop. I was listening to a lot of Janet Jackson for the first time as an adult. I never realised how provocative and dirty some of her songs were – in the best kind of way. That probably steered me into making ‘Butter.'” Vanessa Elisha

The release of “Butter” has us excited for 2018 and everything else Vanessa Elisha has planned for us. Listen to “Butter” below: