So, you decided to buy an ArmaLite Rifle. You bought it at a great price, and now you want to make sure it’ll perform as perfectly as possible to your convenience. One of the first best things to do is an upgrade.

ArmaLite rifles are America’s oldest and most successful self-loading rifle. They have been in use by various branches of the United States Military for some time now.

You can upgrade your ArmaLite Rifle in several different areas, depending on how much money you want to spend, what type of shooting you plan to do with it, whether it’s for hunting sport or military use, and the degree of upgrade you want to get.

Keep in mind that several different ArmaLite models have their unique upgrades available, so the list below is not all-inclusive of what can be done to your particular model. Nevertheless, the following upgrades should help you get on the right track to enjoy your rifle as much as possible.

1. Barrels For Better Accuracy


The barrel is the first upgrade you can make, which will significantly improve accuracy and give a better shooting experience for you and anyone else who’s using it.

If you’re a hunter, you don’t want to have anything less than a stainless-steel barrel. Stainless steel is tougher and more corrosion-resistant than chrome-molybdenum alloyed barrels, so it will last much longer before needing replacement.

For hunting rifles, experts recommend a twist rate of 1:10 or faster. Shorter barrels should be considered for shorter-range work.

An upgraded barrel will increase your shooting precision and give the rifle a much smoother overall feel. Barrel twists are measured by weight, with the most common twist being 1:9 inches. It’s essential to match it up with the other parts of your ArmaLite Rifle to ensure the proper functioning of all components.

2. Receivers For Durability

Aside from the barrel, receivers are one of the next most important parts of your ArmaLite Rifle. If you want to upgrade durability and get a more solid shooting platform, new receivers can make a world of difference in your rifle’s performance.

Upgrading your receivers will result in a more durable and higher quality rifle, capable of withstanding years of firing. If you want to upgrade the receiver on your ArmaLite Rifle, you’ll need to consider a few things, such as compatibility with other components and whether or not an upper or lower receiver is required.

According to the website, receivers are made up of two different components: upper and lower receivers. In most cases, you’ll want to upgrade the lower receiver as it’s relevant to most ArmaLite Rifle models. To complete a lower receiver upgrade, you’ll need to drill out spots in the lower receiver using a 1/4-inch drill bit. It’ll allow you to install all the necessary components such as the trigger group, safety selector, bolt catch pin, and pistol grip.

3. Buttstock For Stability And Comfort


Another upgrade that will greatly affect accuracy and comfort while shooting is replacing your rifle’s factory standard buttstock with a sturdier model. You might also consider an adjustable buttstock or one with an adjustable cheek riser.

An upgraded buttstock will give more stability and perfection to your ArmaLite Rifle, which is what everyone wants when they upgrade their stock. If you’re unsure whether it’s right for you, feel free to research its benefits on some other rifle models.

4. Magazines For More Ammo Capacity

One of the most critical parts of any ArmaLite Rifle is having enough capacity for your magazines. If you run out of ammo too quickly, consider upgrading to a larger capacity magazine before each game or shooting session.

Upgrading your magazines to high-capacity ones will allow you to shoot more ammo without having to stop and reload as often, which can help you respond better in the field or on the range. The downside is that they’re usually much more expensive than standard capacity magazines, but it’s an upgrade well worth making if you’re looking for a higher quality rifle.

5. Scopes And Sights For Improved Accuracy


The next part that you can upgrade on your ArmaLite Rifle is the scope, which will provide a more stable shooting platform and help to improve precision depending on what type of sight it is. Another thing you might want to do if you’re going to upgrade the sights or scope on your rifle is to upgrade the pins as well, which will give a sturdier, more durable platform.

If you buy a new scope or sight for your ArmaLite Rifle, make sure that the manufacturer states it’s compatible with your specific model, as some models have different requirements depending on the makers and models. Improving the scopes is usually more expensive than just upgrading the sights, but they’re definitely worth the money if you want to acquire a high-quality rifle.

6. Flash Hider For A More Aggressive Look

If you want to customize your ArmaLite Rifles and make them your personalized model, consider upgrading the flash hider as it’ll give it a more aggressive look. It’s only recommended if you want to change the looks of your ArmaLite Rifle, as it hasn’t been proven on whether or not it affects shooting precision in some way.

If you want to use your rifle for guerilla warfare drills or other combat activities where the appearance of your rifle is more essential than its performance, you should consider upgrading the flash hider on your rifle.

7. Pistol Grip For Better Handling


Another upgrade that will definitely affect your shooting capability is to install a pistol grip, which can help improve comfort and stability when firing your ArmaLite Rifle, especially if your rifle is a little heavier than you would like it to be. It’s the first recommended upgrade for those who want to use their rifle on the field more often as it holds its value and practicality better than some other upgrades.

If you’ve had trouble trying to keep your rifle steady while aiming, a pistol grip might be the right upgrade for you. You may have to purchase one online, as it’s not something that most dealers keep in stock.

8. Rifle Sling For Easier Carrying

Lastly, but most importantly, consider upgrading the strap or sling on your rifle for easier carrying. A rifle sling can be very helpful if you want to carry your rifle using only one hand, which will allow you to use your other hand for whatever else you need it to do during battle or target practice.

If you’re the type who carries a rifle on a hike somewhere or just for ease of carrying, consider buying a new sling if the current one is worn out.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading your ArmaLite Rifle can be very beneficial, depending on what you’re looking to achieve. Although some upgrades require more money than others, they all provide a different kind of benefit and can be worth it if it suits your specific needs.