Due to last year\’s incident of a security officer being trampled by concertgoers, it comes as no surprise that the Ultra Music Festival will be taking serious precautions for their event that is just 3 weeks away.

In past years, the festival has banned the usual: drug use, weapons, alcohol, etc.  But now it seems as if they are banning more standard and everyday items such as \”selfie sticks,\” lasers, glow sticks, and stuffed animals.  A lot of these items may seem harmless but are occasionally considered to be related to drug use.  In addition to this list, face masks and pacifiers were also banned due to their affiliation with drug use.  Even the popular CamelBaks are no longer allowed unless the backpack material is clear/see-through and empty of any liquids.

See all the items below.


For the full policy list, click here.

Photo Source: Rukes