Ultra is making sure their name is being headlined in every major electronic dance music media publishing site with all of these recent \”special announcements\” they keep announcing all over the Internet.

On Tuesday, Ultra announced on Facebook the Resistance stage will be getting an upgrade from the previous year. The introduction of the Resistance stage to the Ultra family in 2015 showed an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from many ravers. The Resistance stage is making its return to Miami in 2016 even bigger, better, and with an all new stage design. Ultra released a video on their Facebook account showing a year in review with the Resistance stage, and then around four minutes and 15 seconds is when Ultra teasers off the new stage coming to Bayfront Park next year. The video presents an all new different type of Resistance reality. The \”Arcadia Spider\” is going to be the theme for the Resistance stage and it will be making its North American debut at Ultra March 18-19-20, 2016.

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The new Resistance stage design for next year is going to be exactly what the name states an Arcadia Spider and the stage will also be premiering their new ‘Arcadia Landing Show’. The video shows the stage full of underground dance music lovers surrounding the stage 360 degrees all around with pyrotechnics going off and live acrobatics falling from the stage. From the personal experience I had from this year\’s Resistance stage I can only imagine the different type of unique experience I am going to gain from the Arcadia Spider next year. Ultra also on announced their epic phase one lineup Wednesday via social media and coming from a raver with past experience with Ultra this is sure to be the last of their legendary surprises. Now the real question is who will be joining us at Ultra dancing away all of our worries under the U?


Photo Credit: Facebook