Dropping on 15th December via No Tomorrow Recordings is ‘Third Pt.II’ EP from Trumpdisco. Following up from the groundbreaking Pt 1 which gained support form Pendulum, Vent, and Black Tiger Sex Machine it delivers more of the off-kilter sound you can expect to hear from Trumpdisco.

The Australian electronic producer who has previously remixed the likes of Diplo and Proxy has certainly stamped his individuality all over this three-track collection, and it sits well with No Tomorrow’s varied repertoire.

Melt’ opens with a chunky breakbeat that builds and drops to 4/4 kicks, squelchy wobble bass and hi reverb synth lines that wouldn’t be out of place in a Proxy set. Flipside ‘Dissonance’ begins with atmospheric synths that drops to a hard mono bass and synth glitch cuts Trumpdisco is synonymous for.

Released: 15/12/2014