Over the years, the demand for dental treatments in Turkey has increased significantly. It is the most advisable and famous country to visit for high-quality yet affordable dental services. Today, Turkey is a hub of well-managed and highly equipped dental and medical centers.

It has a pool of well-qualified dental surgeons offering expertise in providing a wide array of dental care services at the most cost-effective rates. The treatment costs here are almost 50 to 70% cheaper than in Western countries. Services like root canals, teeth whitening, veneering, teeth alignment, and dental implants in Turkey are much more affordable than those offered in Western countries.

Turkey is the go-to money-saver option for medical travelers or anyone living in a Western country and seeking an affordable package to travel for dental treatments.

Now, if you are still deciding whether to travel to Turkey for dentistry services, then read on.


Dental Treatment Cost In Turkey

As said above, Turkey is the go-to destination for most medical tourists because of its competitive service rates, particularly in the dental industry. Patients will get top-quality and highly professional dental care services at almost 70% cheaper rates than in the US or UK.

Despite the lower costs, Turkish dentists never compromise with dental care procedures and ensure the best service. They are well-qualified and trained with multilingual staff to cater to their patient’s needs. Furthermore, many centers offer comprehensive dental travel packages that also take care of your accommodation, transportation, tours, and several procedures related to dental care.

Dentistry In Turkey

Being a practical field for medical aspirants, Dentistry requires exceptional skills such as manual dexterity, paying attention to each detail, and more. Aspiring dentists must undergo extensive training and experience as many practical experiences as possible before starting their practice. And Turkey produces one of the best dental professionals. Almost 53 top-notched universities and institutes offer dental training to aspiring students.

Dental students need to complete five years of studies in their graduation stage. And suppose they wish to pursue a specialization. In that case, they must enroll in post-graduate courses offered by certified medical universities and institutes, lasting more than three to four years. Hence, you will find many specialized dental care centers in Turkey, from prosthodontists for getting new teeth to orthodontists to fix misalignment or crooked teeth.


Top Reasons Why You Should Opt For Turkey For Dental Work

As said above, Turkey is most significant for its dental & medical industry. And whether you are a medical tourist or traveling for dental treatments to the country, you will find plenty of choices. Treatments like implants and veneers are significantly less expensive than in other countries. Listed below are a few reasons why Turkey is best for dental care.

High-Quality Treatments

Turkey holds a reputation for providing the finest quality dental treatments to both native as well as foreign patients. Many clinics are accredited and GCR-rated (Global Clinic Rating). GCR is a 5-point scale based on 25 criteria: success rate, safety, professionalism, and service quality.

Furthermore, many Turkish dental clinics use the latest technology and are well-equipped with high-end equipment to ensure the best possible patient care. Additionally, the dental surgeons or professionals here undergo extensive training to make them highly skilled in handling even the most complex procedures.



One of the significant reasons why the Turkish dental industry is booming is that dental centers here offer the most affordable array of dental care services. Treatments are almost 70% cheaper in Turkey than in other countries like UK, US, and European countries. And due to its cost-effective dental care, the country has become a go-to destination for dental or medical tourists today.

Well-Qualified And Experienced Dentists

Turkish medical universities and institutes offer five years of dental studies, and students who want further specialization must opt for a field in prosthodontist and orthodontist studies. Besides, the TDA (Turkish Dental Association) regulates licensing & education for dentistry throughout the country. Turkey has qualified and experienced dentists who have pursued their studies in reputed medical institutes in the country and worldwide. Furthermore, they have years of experience in various treatments and procedures, namely dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics.

Availability of Advance Technology

When discussing technology and equipment, the Turkish government and medical centers have invested heavily so that patients can get the best possible care. 3D imaging, digital X-rays, laser dentistry, and so on are the latest technologies the country’s dental care centers have opted to ensure accuracy in the diagnosis and reduced treatment time.


Tip To Consider For Choosing the Best Turkish Dental Clinic

With the immense boost to medical tourism, Turkey has gained an abundance of dental/medical facilities in the country. And with many options, it can be very time-consuming and confusing to choose the best. So, let’s look at some valuable tips for choosing the best dental clinic in Turkey.

Ratings & Reviews

When looking for the best clinic, always ensure to check the rating and reviews. It is the ideal tip to choose what’s best and why. Ratings & reviews can help you understand what clinic specializes in what dental treatment and how much their customers are satisfied with their services.


Most clinics in Turkey offer comprehensive packages which include everything. So be it veneer, root canalling or bridges, implants, orthodontics, or teeth whitening, you will get all types of services here. Besides the treatments, you can also enjoy other facilities such as transportation and accommodation, all included in the packages.

Multilingual Staff

Most Turkish dental centers employ multilingual staff to ensure effective communication between doctors and patients worldwide. Since the Turkish language is not understood by everyone or hard-to-understand language, most clinics have at least one or two staff who are great at communicating with people in different languages. With this, travelers always communicate their issues to the concerned doctors in Turkey regarding medical or dental services.



To summarize, Turkey is undoubtedly the most popular destination for dental care. It is known for its affordable dental treatments and quality services. Furthermore, dentists here are well-educated and have years of experience treating various oral and dental issues. Each clinic or medical center is equipped with the latest technology and equipment that ensure hassle-free, time & money-saving treatments.