A beautiful smile is an asset, and it greatly improves the overall appearance of an individual. However, maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile is not easy. People have to follow regular dental cleaning to have a clean and healthy smile. Brushing twice daily, regular flossing, visiting the dentist for periodic check-ups etc., are some of the standard practices that most people follow.

Some people encounter dental problems like discolouration, yellow, gray or black tinges or even painful cavities despite following oral hygiene norms. Hence people need to visit a dentist because of genetics or environmental reasons as well. For some people, old age causes cracks, discolorations etc.; for others, diseases and their treatments like chemotherapy and radiation-based treatments can cause long-lasting damage.

Apart from the causes mentioned above, the eating habits of an individual, like the preference for sugar-rich foods like candies, cold drinks etc., can also do significant damage to oral hygiene. If someone wants to go for whitening or a porcelain veneer, they can visit

Comparing Teeth Whitening And Porcelain Veneers

The Purpose That They Serve


The utility of whitening is to improve the appearance of the teeth by making them look whiter. Veneers, on the other hand, serve more functions because they act as a protective shield over the natural teeth of a person. The covering serves as a protective layer to protect cracked teeth. They also help hide structural deformities like pre-existing gaps in the dental structure of an individual.

The Procedure And The Time Involved

Whitening can be done by individuals themselves at home using over-the-counter products like stripping agents, creams or pastes. The over-the-counter products are cheap and can be applied quite easily. However, these products often contain bleaching agents and strong oxidizing agents like peroxides which can be harmful to the skin and eyes if not applied properly.

Consulting a dentist for whitening makes the process much safer as the eyes and face are safe. A dentist begins with a preliminary examination and checks for issues such as cavities. After that, the peroxides are applied and kept for some time. Then they are washed. Usually, the entire process takes about an hour. Also, the process might need a few follow-up sessions.

Veneers can be primarily of two types- composite and porcelain. Getting porcelain veneers is a time-consuming process. These shield-like structures are custom-made for each individual. They have a protective function and are not used merely for cosmetic purposes. Hence precise tooth measurements need to be taken on the first visit.

Moreover, the process is invasive as it involves crapping off a part of the enamel, which is the outer coating of the teeth. The method also involves fitting temporary veneers before the permanent custom-made veneer is applied. So the entire process will need a few days and can go up to a week or two.

The Type Of Stains Involved


Teeth whitening treatments work well if the yellowish stains or buff-colored stains. However, if the stains are rigid and hard to get rid of, these treatments do not give desired results. If the teeth have become grayish or blackish in color, then getting porcelain veneers is the only option.

How Customizable Is The Treatment

Getting porcelain veneers is a more customizable option than teeth whitening. In the case of whitening, a bleaching agent is used to clean the teeth; thus, the whiter appearance is because of the bleach. Beyond this, the patient cannot control how white or exactly which shade of white his teeth become. However, with veneers getting the exact color and hue is possible.

Suitability For The Procedure

Not all people are not suitable for getting porcelain veneers. This process is invasive, and it involves scraping off a part of the enamel. There are many people who have issues of sensitivity; they cannot eat sweet or cold food. These people already have weak enamel; thus, further scraping might not be suitable for these individuals. Hence whitening is the only option that is left to these individuals.

The Permanence Of The Procedures


When a dentist conducts a whitening procedure, the effects are visible almost instantly. A dentist usually prescribes a few follow-up sessions after the procedure. After this, the effects can last from months to years. If the dentist’s guidelines are followed strictly, then the effects can last up to three years.

For porcelain veneers, the effects take some time to show. However, the consequences can last much longer than in the case of whitening treatments. If the dentist’s guidelines are followed, then the individual will see the results last from fifteen to twenty years.

How Expensive Is The Procedure

Given the advantages and the lengthy procedure involved in getting porcelain veneers, it is expected that these procedures are expensive. Compared to whitening, which costs in the range of $50 to $600, porcelain veneers cost around $1000 per tooth.

Convenience And Risks Involved

It is much easier to get an over-the-counter whitening agent and use it. Thus it is a more convenient and quicker option than getting an appointment from a dentist and going for regular sessions etc. However, bleaching agents, if not used carefully, can cause irritation and sensitivity-related issues. Hence, it is always a good option to consult a professional for any teeth-related procedures.



The global beauty and cosmetics industry is a multi-billion dollar market. A beautiful dazzling smile goes a long way in creating lasting impressions. The medical industry is working day and night to make products and procedures that satisfy the customer’s demands at an affordable price. Both teeth whitening and porcelain veneers have their own advantages and disadvantages. While the former is cheaper, more convenient and does not require professional help.

The latter gives custom-made products; the effects of the treatment last for years. However, the procedure is expensive, invasive and cannot be carried out without professional help. Thus, people can choose either of the two methods depending upon their individual preferences, the time which they are willing to commit and their budgets.