Inifinte Legroom (IL) is a travel website started by Fools Gold boss and DJ extraordinaire, A-Trak. Like popular sites such as Travelocity and Expedia, Infinite Legroom discusses all aspects of traveling including hotels, flights, locations, and the unique activities available in any given destination.

While A-trak has undoubtedly traveled all over the world as a performer, a travel website isn\’t really pertinent to his musical career, especially because he has his own website. It\’s cool to read his personal opinions on various places in the world, but if his name were removed from Infinite Legroom, most people would be none the wiser.

In an effort to associate his musical inclinations with IL, A-trak recently announced a series of in-depth artist profiles called Infinite Interview. These interviews allow fans to see past the mainstream interpretation of popular musicians and the first one Atrak chose perfectly demonstrates of the gap between how we see our favorite artists and who they really are.

Thomas Wesley Pentz, a.k.a. Diplo, is known to his followers on Instagram and Twitter as the guy who reposts pictures and videos of hot girls twerking with a few smart-ass comments in the interim. However, during his interview conducted by A-trak himself, the two label heads and world class DJ\’s discuss such topics as early musical influences, how the two of them met, and Diplo\’s transition from being a teacher into being the musical tastemaker he is today.

Yes, you read that right. Diplo used to be a teacher back in Philadelphia. Bet you didn\’t know that about him. There\’s tons of other interesting information in the full interview which you can read here.

Remember, this is only the first profile in the whole series. A-trak has worked with and signed hundreds of artists over the years from legendary hip-hop DJ\’s like Mix Master Mike, to modern sensations like Tchami, to superstars like Kanye West. There\’s no telling who will be agree to an interview next, but it\’s guaranteed to be a great read.