Surprisingly, Afrojack in his career has never released an full length album! But the time has come and it’s scheduled to be released on digital retailers on May 19, 2014 but don\’t worry because Afrojack has finally been revealing more details about his debut album \’Forget The World\’. Including the full track list which was just released! Also To hype up his new upcoming album Afrojack took to Snapchat to release 10 second previews of the album. So make sure to follow Afrojack on Snapchat to get more exclusive previews! This is definitely an album you want to get with collabs with Wiz Khalifa, Sting and Snoop Dogg. Its going to be a massive album!

Check out the Track list below and also listen to the two singles off of his new album which have been released, if you haven\’t already! Preorder the album here


  1. ‘Ten Feet Tall’ (feat. Wrabel)
  2. ‘Illuminate’ (feat. Matthew Koma)
  3. ‘Born to Run’ (feat. Tyler Glenn)
  4. ‘Freedom’ (Afrojack & D-Wayne) [feat. Jack McManus]
  5. ‘The Spark’ (feat. Spree Wilson)
  6. ‘Dynamite’ (feat. Snoop Dogg)
  7. ‘Too Wild’ (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
  8. ‘Three Strikes’ (feat. Jack McManus)
  9. ‘Catch Tomorrow’ (feat. Sting)
  10. ‘We’ll Be Ok’ (feat. Wrabel)
  11. ‘Mexico’ (feat. Shirazi)
  12. ‘Keep Our Love Alive’ (feat. Matthew Koma)

Deluxe Version

  1. ‘Faded’
  2. ‘As Your Friend’ (feat. Chris Brown)
  3. ‘Do or Die’ (Remix) [Afrojack vs. Thirty Seconds to Mars]
  4. ‘Sovereign Light Café’ (Afrojack Remix) by Keane