euphoria music and camping festival 2017

Euphoria Music & Camping Festival is coming up April 6 – 9, 2017, taking place at the Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, Texas. In order to properly celebrate the upcoming collection of artists that comprise the lineup:

Here’s an attempt to boil that incredibly stacked lineup into another one of those “Top 10” lists. Here goes!

  1. Lost Kings

Hailing from Los Angeles, Lost Kings have made quite their mark on the dance music scene recently. With tracks like “Quit You” featuring Tinashe and “Phone Down” featuring Emily Warren, the duo have tapped into a distinct house sound, with blurred boundaries between genres the artists experiment with. Be sure to check out Lost Kings’ set, as the duo brings down the house with soulful melodies and eclectic beats.

  1. Alesso

Having made it to the top of the electronic music charts, Alesso has continued to innovate throughout his career to adapt to changes in trends. From tracks like “Years” to his recent “Falling”, Alesso has fine tuned his big room house sound to a deeper, soulful space. His track “Heroes (we could be)” with Tove Lo and “Cool” accentuate his experimentation with groovier, perhaps tropical house. Regardless of the specific genre, Alesso has proven time and time again to provide a mind-blowing set that taps into all the emotions.

  1. Prince Fox

Prince Fox aka Sam Lassner is a super-talented singer-songwriter with an ear for “future pop” as he develops electric harmonies that make you want to dance. With tracks like “Fragile”, the New York artist displays his affinity towards Ariana Grande-esque pop ballads. Fox always includes his signature sound though, a pulsating organ/trumpet-like instrument that adds a certain kick to the track. Be sure to check out “I Don’t Wanna Love” and “Wait Until Tomorrow”.

  1. Yotto

Yotto is Anjunadeep’s breakout star, as the electrifying beats created by the artist break boundaries between trance and progressive house. With featured tracks like “Personal Space”, “Slowly”, and “Fire Walk”, the Finnish artist is sure to provide an entrancing set on the ground of Euphoria. Be sure to check him out and get lost in a daze of pure movement and rhythm, amplified by eclectic beats and euphoric moments.

  1. Dr. Fresch

A dose of Dr. Fresch is just what Euphoria needed to solidify its stellar lineup of original and unique artists. Joining the roster is Los Angeles producer and CEO of Prep School Recordings, Dr. Fresch. Known for his The Prescription Mixes, the DJ is sure to provide the right remedy of house, trap, and future bass.

  1. Chet Porter

Chet Porter innovates on such an interesting level, it’s hard not to include him on this list. Self proclaimed, “not Chet Faker & Porter Robinson’s side project”, the Canadian artist taps into a sort of Bon Iver/ODESZA/Just a Gent ethos that’s hard to describe.  We all know those artists that are difficult to describe in terms that equate to a genre, and Chet Porter is definitely one of them. Be sure to check out his stand out “Stay” featuring Chelsea Cutler. His set at Euphoria Music Festival is definitely going to be special.

  1. Mija

In the past year, Mija has done it all. The superwoman has curated her own FKA genre tour, featuring an impressive lineup of extremely talented DJs. When she’s not touring or producing sick mixes, she’s meticulously in tune with the future of electronic music and her place in shaping it. Amber Giles has advanced her mixing skills to a strikingly unique level. To compare her sound to Skrillex or RL Grime would be a disservice to her unique talents. The author of “Better” has new heights to soar to as she establishes herself as one of the most successful female DJs in the world.

  1. Bob Moses

When Tom Howie and Jimmy Valance began Bob Moses, they had no idea their sound would have such an impact on the electronic music world. The Canadian duo have reached critical acclaim with their album “Days Gone By”, and even receiving a Grammy nomination. The artists were featured in Resident Advisor’s top new artists to watch in both 2014 and 2015. Watch out for these two as they make their mark in Texas in April.

  1. Moby

Veteran DJ/producer/vegan/political activist Moby is absolutely a highlight of this festival. Rarely seen on tour, the artist is truly exceptional in everything he does. From his production of infectious beats that have transcended time and genre (Exhibit A: “Porcelain”, Exhibit B: “Natural Blues”). His style has adapted throughout time, and his delivery of a fine-tuned electro house set, with stunning transitions and cuts, is truly not one to miss. Moby is definitely going to be delivering a set for the ages at Euphoria Music Festival.

  1. FKJ

And the winner is…. FKJ! French Kiwi Juice has proven time and time again that he is one of the best DJs and producers out there. Just watch this:

Not convinced yet? The French artist has garnered critical acclaim as he puts out tracks like “Better Give U Up” and “Instant Need”. His musical style is similar to Bondax and Hayden James, with musings and collaborations from the wonderfully delicate Alina Baraz. In a truly artistic fashion, FKJ delivers sets that demonstrate his funky personality and truly exceptional ability to mix music, create it, and make it sound exquisite. His set at Euphoria will be legendary, and a true display of the craft of DJing and mixing.

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