After a huge success at this year\’s TomorrowWorld in Georgia, it seems that it will be returning once more. TomorrowWorld has officially announced the ticket sale dates for next year\’s 2015 run – however, it\’s an adding a cool bonus for those that have attended TomorrowWorld before. Introducing the new Pioneer Pre-Sale, any attendee that has been to TW 2013 or TW 2014 will be able to purchase a ticket starting at $327 and up if you choose to attend DreamVille. This is an exclusive promotion that will be occurring Monday, November 10th through 13th starting at 2PM EST and ending at 1PM EST respectively. After that, everyone else who wants to attend will then be able to purchase a ticket on Thursday, November 13th at 2PM EST as well. The link to purchase tickets via GA or via the Pioneer promotion is down below. Let us know if you\’ll be attending and who you\’d love to see perform there!

TomorrowWorld 2015 Registration Page | Link