Disney\’s upcoming film Tomorrowland starring George Clooney and Hugh Laurie is being forced to change its title in several countries because of a music festival \”Tomorrowland\” with the same name. Disney\’s new movie will not be allowed to be released under that title in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium because the name has been registered as a trademark in those countries thanks to Tomorrowland festival\’s trademark dating back to 2005 where the event launched in.

Trademark attorney Sharon Daboul told the Belfast Telegraph:

“Disney has a trademark registration in the USA for the term Tomorrowland, dating back to 1970. With this registration, it was successfully able to prevent the music festival from calling itself Tomorrowland when it launched in the USA. However, the music festival has the rights to the term in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and has prevented Disney from using the name in these countries.”

Check out the trailer below, while Disney still has a few more months to decide what might replace Tomorrowland, before the film hits theaters on May 22nd.

Source: Belfast Telegraph