It seems like Tomorrowland is hopping onto every continent this planet has to offer.

Last year, we saw the prestigious Belgium-based festival leap over the Atlantic Ocean to make an appearance in the United States. Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia is where TomorrowWorld took place, bringing the mind-blowing phenomenon to North America. The execution of the festival was overall brilliant, bringing tons of revenue and tourists to the Southeast region; the massive stages and stacked lineup did not fall short of its mother festival back in Europe. This festival will also makes its return on September 26-28 this year.

Now in 2014, Tomorrowland has expanded to two weekends and selling out both with ease. TomorrowWorld is also scheduled to return to Georgia; the money-making doesn\’t stop there! According to LessThan3, Tomorrowland is planning to leap onto the next continent in their crosshairs. This happens to be South America, Brazil to be exact. Still oozing with World Cup soccer fans, Sao Paulo is now the target for a second expansion.

Rumors of ID&T and its new majority owner SFX expanding to Brazil on its multi-continent domination plan have been circulating since February, and new reports from Brazilian media outlets suggest that this is, in fact, true. 

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This year serves as the 10-year anniversary of the creation of Tomorrowland, and boy look at what it has become; there\’s no doubt that this event is one of the greatest for the global dance music sphere. This is the first year the festival is expanding to two weekends, July 18-20 and July 25-27. Expect to hear from us regarding recorded sets, breaking news, and everything Tomorrowland orientated.