When it comes to music festivals, we’re all too familiar with the struggle of losing your group through the giant sea of people and it’s no surprise that you’ll probably never see them again. Too bad you’ll be dancing and living it up through your favorite sets without your “festie bestie” by your side. Forget about trying to hit them up since phone signal inside is zip to none. You can only hope they found another group to click and vibe with while you, on the other hand, are getting weird throughout the entire festival without them. Let’s be real now, we all know the reason we buy tickets to shows is to act a fool together! To shine light on this ever reoccurring event, Pepsi Max has come up with a stellar idea, the idea of a drone. The drone sends signals to your phone and hooks up with your buddy on the other line. It then uses GPS to locate and track them down. The drone actually leads you right to them and points out their exact location, almost while hovering above your head. Pretty cool, huh? The idea is still in the works, but I’m sure it will make one hell of an appearance.



Source: EDM Sauce

Photo Credit: Festival Sherpa